Six word Saturday

Looking out to a brighter horizon!

It has to get better, doesn’t it?  The alternative is unthinkable.  For me, the immediate future is wonderful.  My long held wish to see my son again is about to come true.  If things go to plan, he will be here tomorrow evening.  It’ll come as no surprise that I won’t be walking with you on Monday?  🙂  Hopefully, the following week.  Meanwhile, keep squaring those Perspectives and enjoy your Six Word Saturday!



  1. That is amazing, Jo. Hope you get to see your son this weekend. Nice treat amidst all that is happening in the world. Enjoy every moment with him. Your Monday walks will always be there waiting for you… Have fun 🙂

  2. Hope you had a great weekend with your son, it’s going to a long while before I see mine. Victoria has just declared a state of disaster and residents are only allowed out for one hour a day ☹️

    1. It’s frightening the way this disease can escalate and shut down places. We have been riding our luck so far, for nobody knows what’s around the corner. Sorry for you, Alison.

      1. Well I’m very lucky here in Perth, WA but we are in effect shut off from the rest of the world! But better safe than sorry.

  3. I’m guessing you are likely to get to “better” a whole lot sooner than those of us here in the USA… but it seems to help being an introvert. 😉

  4. The alternative is truly unsettling and I try to not mull over it. Such trying times, but you have incredible beauty at hand, Jo. You are blessed. Good that you reunite with your son. To better times! xx

    1. Just recovering from being water cannoned at the beach and chasing an errant crocodile. Nothing like a restful day to make you appreciate the family 😉🏖️🐊💕

  5. Wishing you an absolutely lovely time all together Jo after such an upsy downsy time of the last few months . What a reunion you’ll have tonight 🍾
    Poppy 😘 xx

    1. I was so worried it wouldn’t happen, Susan. And then there they were, smiling at me from behind the masks, at the airport. How surreal is life? 🙂 🙂

  6. You don’t need a card game as I see your son must be with you now- happy family! I found a blue sky of yours on This post although I’m reading it Monday morning. Always good of you to visit me. Have a lovely time together, Jo.

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