Six word Saturday

Spanning a river and several challenges

When Ann Christine suggests we Pick a Word on the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, I’m tempted.  But when Paula offers another five on Thursday’s Special… what’s a woman to do?  Give in, graciously!

Several bridges Span the river in Tavira, including Ponte Romana, a Roman bridge that isn’t; an uninspiring but very functional road bridge that soars across the water, and a small scale model of the same, nearing completion, to replace the former dilapidated Military Bridge.  Construction of the latter has certainly been a challenge!

One of my favourite things is sailing out of this river to the Ilha beyond.  Exuberant water fizzes and gurgles as it washes surfers and fishermen alike.  So often flat calm, I love the sight and sound of leaping waves.

Two out of ten will do for now, don’t you think?  And far too many words for Six Word Saturday!  Have a good one, everybody!



  1. Jo I am completely taken with the photo of the river with the fence line jutting out. Fabulous lines. Happy weekend. Guess what? Snow in our forecast! Just a temporary weather front. 🙂

    1. Oh-my-word, Sue! How can I even imagine that when we reach 30C every day here at present? 🙂 🙂 Thanks, hon! Still pottering around admiring Tavira from all angles.

      1. That’s wonderful. I’ve found sailing exciting the few times I’ve gone. Glad you are able to go so often. Seems like one of those magical activities that makes life worthwhile.

    1. A fairly peaceful one, Janet. T’ai chi, a good book, walk a little, watch a bit of US tennis… 🙂 🙂 Saving myself for next week, which promises to be hectic.

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