Water nymph


A leap for freedom.

Tethered to the pedestal,

The lily pad yet lures


Today Thursday’s Special is all about Mirroring.  I love watery reflections and, just occasionally, I like to play with Lunapic too.


And then there were two!  Please go and visit Paula for another of her sublime images.

Six word Saturday


I went looking for reflections, but…

I didn't find many

I didn’t find many

I did find lots of boats

But I did find lots of boats

And you know I like a boat or two

And you know I like a boat or two

This wasn't quite the reflection I had in mind

This wasn’t quite the reflection I had in mind

Isn't it looking pretty today?

Isn’t it looking pretty today?

Just a whisper of reflection

Found a whisper of a reflection

Light patterns play in the water

And the sun playing in the water

The Black Diamond training ship

And around the Black Diamond training ship

Hooray!  A cloud reflected in the window

Hooray! A cloud reflected in the window

The inner harbour is flat calm

Flat calm- fluffy clouds in the inner harbour

At last!  A full on reflection

At last! A full on reflection

Next week’s Thursday’s Special has the theme ‘reflections’.  On a clear bright day this week I thought I’d get ahead of the game.  But there was just enough wind to ripple the water and make my task that little bit harder.  No matter!  I enjoyed playing anyway.

I won’t be going anywhere near Hartlepool marina this weekend.  It’s grey and wet!   Maybe we’re saving the sunshine for next weekend’s long Easter Break.  Wherever you are I hope you have a happy weekend.   And don’t forget to visit Cate at Show My Face to play Six word Saturday.


Thursday’s Special again!

Lake at Sedgefield

Fire and water don’t mix, do they?  Which is a real shame because I wanted to submit this for Thursday’s Special and you never saw a hotter image of Paula!

Clever effect, isn’t it?  Visit Lunapic to see how it’s done.  Many thanks to Amanda for helping to increase my wisdom.



Nostalgic reflections

You know what’s coming, don’t you?  Earlier in the week a delicious sunset drew me into Sue’s Word a Week Photo Challenge.  Reflect was the subject, and as Sue seemed to be suggesting, time for a little nostalgia and a few reflections of my own.

It’s been a great year, from Barcelona in November all the way back to my daughter’s wedding in February.  If you click on a photo it will take you back to the original post.

Sagrada Familia, reflected in the lake in Gaudi Square

Sagrada Familia, reflected in the lake in Barcelona’s Gaudi Square

Crossing the pond to the Scottish Parliament building

The tip of Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, reflected in the pond

Striking, isn't it?

Girona was one of my favourite cities this year

I love a novelty shot! Looking up, reflected down, in the harbour.

I love a novelty shot! Looking up, reflected down, in the harbour at Barcelona.
And the shadows lengthened as I crossed over the bridge.

One of Durham’s lovely bridges reflected in Autumn shadows

See what I mean?

Reflections of Newcastle’s bustling city centre

Whitby harbour, North Yorkshire

I spent some lovely days in Whitby, North Yorkshire, this Summer

The pond at the bottom of the garden

And with Aunt Lusia in Zawady- this is her garden pond.

You can get a better impression of size from here.

It was a little cloudy for reflections- can you see the Transporter Bridge?

Head in hands- he must have got it wrong! (best yet reflection of the Trinc?)

HMS Trincomalee, in the Georgian windows of Hartlepool Maritime Experience

My sea monster

A sparkling, clear day on Hartlepool beach- a “day in my life”

Not possible to leave out that bridge, is it?

Haven’t seen this bridge for a while, have you? I’m returning soon.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but recently WordPress has started to include links to “related posts” at the bottom of the page?  I presume it encourages people to stay with you and wander through your site in a way that the page layout often doesn’t.  I guess Be With Us found my Weekly Photo Challenge post A Day in my Life in this manner? However it happened, I was delighted to return with them to an April day this year and a stroll on my beach.  It prompted me to write this post.

One of my New Year’s resolutions must be to introduce some changes into this tired old Restlessjo site, or even be bold and start a new blog.  Hope you’ll stay with me for another year, good or bad.  Meanwhile, huge respect to Sue for her challenge, and all the other folks who mount challenges throughout the year. Thanks for reflecting on 2013 with me.

Reflections of Autumn

Yes, that's my shadow on the stone pillar. Careless me!

Yes, that’s my shadow on the stone pillar. Careless me!

This time of year always has me in reflective mood.  No matter how bright the sunshine, I always know that Winter is waiting, just around the corner.  But we have had the occasional sparkling day in this last week or so, and I have been determined to make the most of them.  Come stroll with me in my Durham gallery of sunshine and shadows.

And another Durham day is done.

And another Durham day has flown away.

Cee has given me the perfect opportunity this week to share a few Reflections and Shadows.  Please click on the link to see some wonderful photographs.

I’m hoping your week will have more sunshine than shadow.