Thursday’s Special again!

Lake at Sedgefield

Fire and water don’t mix, do they?  Which is a real shame because I wanted to submit this for Thursday’s Special and you never saw a hotter image of Paula!

Clever effect, isn’t it?  Visit Lunapic to see how it’s done.  Many thanks to Amanda for helping to increase my wisdom.




    1. Funny because I was back at the same place on Monday, taking lots more watery shots, 🙂 The water level had dropped quite a bit over the summer so we must have had a nice one.


    1. Me too, Madhu 🙂 This one I did just for Paula and it will be part of a Monday walk at some point. I started to play with a couple of others afterwards and really like the bridge.


    1. It does, Kathryn 🙂 I originally saw this on Amanda’s Unique so Chic and it was a black and white shot of birds. Really lovely! Go take a look- don’t know if you know Amanda but she does some amazing artie stuff. The link’s in this post.


    1. Isn’t it strange? Whenever I think to myself- haven’t seen Gem in a while, hope all ok- up you pop! Genie in a bottle 🙂 I only have to wish to make it so!


    1. You certainly could, Jill. All you do is choose a pic and upload it. Lunapic does the magic for you 🙂
      I finally booked the accommodation in Paris. I’ve had the flights sorted for weeks. It’s an ‘artists garret’ of an apartment and I’m excited!


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