Water nymph


A leap for freedom.

Tethered to the pedestal,

The lily pad yet lures


Today Thursday’s Special is all about Mirroring.  I love watery reflections and, just occasionally, I like to play with Lunapic too.


And then there were two!  Please go and visit Paula for another of her sublime images.


  1. I love it when you go all haiku, and then play with Lunapic – you led me to it and into my first photo fiddling. You’ve interpreted that fist photo to perfection. Your haikus are always fresh.


    1. Cat among the pigeons about sums it up, Pauline. Mick has been pro-leave from the outset but I’ve been less decided, and our two youngsters are vehemently pro-Europe. It’s a big kick in the teeth and vote of no confidence for the establishment, and rightly deserved in my opinion. The politicians play games with peoples lives and seldom face the consequences. But now somebody has to pick up the pieces and move forward.


      1. Are you watching the results come in? I was up at quarter to 6 so I’m really tired but I’m hanging on a while. Not this Monday but there’s another nice garden then too 🙂


    1. It was a bit of an overcast day, Ad, but there was just enough reflection in the lily pond. 🙂 You’ll smile when you see the related garden post in a week or two. It had a ‘Sylvia’s Garden’. 🙂 Blues and lemons suit you?

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    1. Sometimes they write themselves, don’t they, Gilly? This morning I was just going to post the photos but when I thought about your Lazy Thursdays it struck me that one would work well here. 5 minutes later- Bob’s yer auntie 🙂 Your inspiration so thank you.

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  2. Very good, very. I don’t know why I was reminded of Plato’s Cavern. Sometimes the shadow feels more real than the object?
    (I tried “real-er” in my head, but it doesn’t work too well)


  3. Wow Jo, the reflections in your photographs are so cool to see – the design between colored lily pads and B&W statute reflection are perfectly paired.


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