Six word Saturday


I went looking for reflections, but…

I didn't find many

I didn’t find many

I did find lots of boats

But I did find lots of boats

And you know I like a boat or two

And you know I like a boat or two

This wasn't quite the reflection I had in mind

This wasn’t quite the reflection I had in mind

Isn't it looking pretty today?

Isn’t it looking pretty today?

Just a whisper of reflection

Found a whisper of a reflection

Light patterns play in the water

And the sun playing in the water

The Black Diamond training ship

And around the Black Diamond training ship

Hooray!  A cloud reflected in the window

Hooray! A cloud reflected in the window

The inner harbour is flat calm

Flat calm- fluffy clouds in the inner harbour

At last!  A full on reflection

At last! A full on reflection

Next week’s Thursday’s Special has the theme ‘reflections’.  On a clear bright day this week I thought I’d get ahead of the game.  But there was just enough wind to ripple the water and make my task that little bit harder.  No matter!  I enjoyed playing anyway.

I won’t be going anywhere near Hartlepool marina this weekend.  It’s grey and wet!   Maybe we’re saving the sunshine for next weekend’s long Easter Break.  Wherever you are I hope you have a happy weekend.   And don’t forget to visit Cate at Show My Face to play Six word Saturday.



    1. Hi Paula 🙂 On Thursday I will be in Newcastle for a very belated Christmas get together with my lady friends. I may have a little fun for you before I go but I need to check the photos first 🙂 Easter is just at home. How are you feeling?


    1. As I said to Gemma, Meg- the camera was wholely responsible for that. It was a ‘proper’ reflection in the water but the clever camera turned it into a locket and chain! I may have to go back and let it play some more 🙂


  1. Excellent set Jo – it prompted me to investigate the Wingfield Castle – there is a fabulous shot of her on the Humber on Wiki. Still a working boat in ’73, she is sporting a British Rail logo!


  2. Lovely photos Jo! Hoping the sun will come out too – am in Somerset at my mother in law’s house and you can’t see the Mendip Hills just grey rain and most this morning. I’m rugged up indoors 😃


      1. March winds and April showers! Hoping to get out for a walk soon but it’s very wet and windy! Good day for catching up on jobs I am enjoying my wordPress reader so far I’m able to access it on my iPad so am quite happy! Have a lovely rest of the weekend 😃

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  3. t least you had some sun, but no, you’re the same as us, grey, damp and windy! How would we cope without our photos to remind us that blues skies are around the corner? i love your boats and the reflections 🙂


    1. It’s been a day of two halves, Gilly- wet this morning but sunny (and windy) this afternoon. Yesterday, when I took these pics, was the other way on- a wonderful start,but dodgy finish. I’m getting a bit of everything 🙂


      1. Hmm. I feel like everything’s ‘on hold’ at the minute but at least the weather’s keeping us on our toes. Good old April showers 🙂
        More irrelevance, Jude- do you look at Freshly Pressed on a regular basis? I used to…


      2. I’m feeling a bit flat too at the moment. Being in limbo for the last three years is catching up with me. I need to settle down. But then I think, “Do I?” I’m not a settling down person and I suspect I will always be seeking pastures new…

        As for freshly pressed, not recently, though like you I used to.

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