Six word Saturday

6ws-participating-in-bannerA most unusual point of view

Many’s the time I’ve strolled down Saltburn pier, but it’s never looked like this before.  Roll the gallery for a few smiles.

I felt so sorry for Saltburn when I saw the news this morning.  There was extensive flooding after yesterday’s torrential rain.  This morning they’ll be cleaning up.

Yesterday I posted this young lady in the Weekly Photo Challenge which required a a shot from an unusual point of view.  She is very winsome but not in very good focus.  In retrospect I would have been better using either my first or last gallery photo, don’t you think?  Do you have a favourite?


That’s my six words (and a bit) for this Saturday.  If you’d like to join Cate at Show My Face for Six Word Saturday you’d be very welcome.  The explanation is in the header and the links.


  1. Oh Jo, I came over from Monday’s walk through Saltburn today and I absolutely adore these photos! I love all these little knitted creatures, thanks so much for sharing them 🙂 Oh, and I happen to think you chose the right one with the mermaid 🙂


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