Fish & Chips

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Fish and chip baby jumper complete!

Fish n chip baby jumper

I haven’t knit for more than 20 years, but when I was asked at a recent t’ai chi class if I could, and learnt the reason why, I had to rediscover the talent.

The Cause is “fish n chip” babies in Africa.  These tiny scraps are sent home, newborn, from hospital, wrapped in newsprint for the want of other clothing.  Can this really be happening in our world?

With my usual flair, I bought wool from a kind market stall assistant, who donated half a ball leftover from her own contributions to this cause, only to find that I had no knitting needles!  I used to have a huge collection, including many from my late Mum, but remembered too late that I’d put them all into a charity sack.  The likelihood of me knitting again hadn’t been great.  After much texting of friends I finally acquired some and the above is the result.  Finally!

It made me really happy to knit this, so I’m starting another, on my borrowed needles.  Also, I’m remembering my manners this week and including a linkback to whose excellent idea Six week Saturday was.