Six word Saturday


What an end to the week!





Tilting tipsily!

Idling till another storm

Thrashes their branches


I think I’d better dedicate this to Festival of Leaves, while a few still linger!  It’s been a wild one, but not quite so bad as expected in my part of the world.  Good enough anyway to let me visit Lumiere at Durham last night without getting soaked.  If you get chance, do go! It’s on until Sunday evening and our sea glass wave was beautiful.  Then I came home to yet another horror story from Paris on the news.  What is our world coming to?

I hope you can enjoy a peaceful weekend.  These are the last of my photos from the Lakes.  On Monday I will be sharing one last walk and then taking a couple of weeks off. (the Algarve and a visit to my daughter beckon)  Please say ‘hi’ to Cate and the folks at Six word Saturday if you can manage it.  See you soon!6wsButton


  1. Such an impressive landcape, I love it. Little paths and yellow leaves…
    (I think the grey weather, all the rain resembles our feelings quite well. It’s not a brightly coloured autumn day but one of grief and shock.)
    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures x


    1. I already had this post in mind in the context of the blustery awful weather we were due to get, Verena. When the events of Friday unfolded I was too stunned to do more than comment. Thank you so much for accepting this in that spirit. What a nightmare it has been.


  2. Gorgeous colours, textures and mood Jo. I would give anything to be up there now. We are being pounded by unprecedented monsoon showers and the forecast for the next three days is pretty dire. The Paris attacks had me depressed enough as it is.

    Good I caught you before you left this time 🙂


  3. I’m sorry that you didn’t have sunny weather while staying in this beautiful region but your photos were lovely nonetheless. I’ve enjoyed your posts about this pretty area, Jo.


    1. It feels a bit like I’m running away in the current climate, Sue, but this girl has no idea how we solve all of today’s problems. I see people on the streets of Paris talking of love, not hate but there are people who will never hear.

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      1. Just senseless Jo. There are many tragedies in this world, but somehow, this one has sent me reeling a bit. Maybe it is because I lived in NY during the Trade Centers and this harkens back to that. Maybe it is because I love the city of Paris and its people and I can imagine myself their among them right now. I just can’t fathom what would drive a human to commit such a brutal act. I am trying to distract myself by writing a post for your Monday Walks. It is helping, so thanks for giving me a place of respite.


      1. I completely understand. I have to admit though that sitting down today and writing ‘my walk’ was a welcome distraction. I have just posted it, but if I am too late for this week. ignore it an publish it with your next walk. Hugs back!


    1. My walk always has to happen in stages, because Dad arrives for Sunday lunch, and there are always chores before I can sit down again. I may end up burning the midnight oil but no worries. I’ll be over after lunch to read and add yours. I have another that’s just come in too. All go! 🙂 🙂 There won’t be another walk for a few weeks so I’ll be ‘resting’ soon. 🙂

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  4. What a magnificent tree Jo the first photo is so tranquil with the iconic stone wall and lane leading through the gate. What stunning wet and misty scenery. Nature is a balm to the soul in this crazy world.


    1. I’d love to have had a little more time, Pauline. We should have caught the steamer across the lake as was the original plan but it came to a rather abrupt ending when we didn’t. Never mind- I think I’ll go back some day. 🙂


    1. We got home from Lumiere quite late, Ad, and had just put TV on to have a glass of wine and unwind before going to bed. Unbelievable scenes! Words are hard to find but we have to fear for our kids. A rock concert! There is so much love in our world but is it enough?

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