Six Word Saturday


Is it hug a tree week?


I always feel a little sorry for trees at this time of year.  All summer long they share luxuriant green shade.  Come the Autumn they dazzle and glow, radiating joy.  Then, slowly, one by one, their leaves drift away.  Frail and naked, they are left to shiver forlornly, and tremble in the breeze.

But there’s still a little colour around, so let’s enjoy it while we can.  To quote Verena, it’s a Festival of Leaves, isn’t it?


Jude is embracing Trees this November.  Why not join her Garden Challenge?  I’m off out to set those leaves whirling one more time.  Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to share six words, will you?



    1. It’s almost gone but there are still russet colours, Paula. Not hopping about so nimbly this week. Sciatica or some other affliction of the aged 🙂 🙂 Our ‘Christmas’ lunch celebration with the walkers in a little while, and I shall forget all my cares. Thanks for spending time here, hon. I know it’s not easy. Sending gentle hugs 🙂 🙂

      1. Sciatica is an illness of the young. I have been having it since I was thirty something. Lay on the floor, put your legs under 90 angle on the edge of a bed, or on a chair to relax muscles around. If that doesn’t help, there is always booze 😉

  1. Hi Jo! Nice entry for Jude’s garden challenge (and I wonder what theme she will run in 2017?)
    Anyhow – your tenderness about trees is sweet and each photo has such beauty – but the second photo in – the single leaf with the shadow – was my fav.
    It also was viewed after reading your opening words and so that added to it – but it is like the “portrait of a leaf” and has a calm feel.

    1. She tells me she’s withdrawing from hostessing, Yvette, but you might be able to twist her arm if you come up with a theme 🙂 🙂 Thanks darlin. The poor old trees were a shivering and a shaking today (and so was I 😦 )

      1. What!?
        I love Jude’s challenges because they are subtle as they fill the blogosphere with beauty!
        But there are seasons to pause I guess – but argh!
        And shivering huh?
        Sending you a little sunshine ☀️ from VA- we had our coldest night of the season last year to now have a warm sunny afternoon – fickle weather here – but take what we get ☀️🍁

      2. Yes – I get that fully! And I know my forced pauses (breaks) have helped me over the years I have been here. I learned to not take too long of one though because I like some flow and the social interaction is rich! But needs to be tamed – hah

      3. I keep stamping my foot and threatening withdrawal Yvette, but where else will I get this level of appreciation and support? Certainly not in the wide world (and absolutely not in the blog awards system- I’m too long in the tooth and boring)

      4. Not everyone’s view – trust me Restless One!
        But the funny thing about awards is the comparative basis that has drawbacks juts from that – too many times when we look at selecting one it skews things –
        There is value – but – well – enough on that!
        Wishing you a good day and enjoyed some comment catch up his week 💕

  2. love the rich colors Jo. there’s sadness to see the trees bald and bare for the winter but it is also a good reminder that life and spring are for sure coming 🙂

  3. The acacia at the back of the garden is looking particularly forlorn at the moment, not only barren but also substantially lopped on Saturday – off to give it a hug (well, once the rain eases!). Such vibrant photos celebrating what I feel is a particularly beautiful and long lasting autumn!

  4. Glorious pictures, Jo! The shadows get longer, the sun has less energy… It was a truly beautiful time but it’s sad anyway to see all those leaves fade away… Thank you so much for sharing those beauties! xx

  5. I just spent the morning mowing the leaves away from my mother-in-law’s back door (I have a ride on mower and I’m too lazy to rake them) 😉 I don’t know why they’re falling at this time of year because it’s spring here – must be because it’s been dry. Oh well, I love using the ride on mower so it’s a nice way to spend a morning. Hope you’re well Jo xxxx

  6. I like to think of trees in winter slumbering, waiting patiently for the warmth of spring to rejuvenate them. Though they lose their leaves, there is still something quite beautiful about the way they hold their bare branches amid the storms and snow. Enjoy the crunch of the autumn leaves while it lasts!

    1. A warm Autumn like we’ve just had is perfect, Peta, but sadly it’s always followed by Winter. It’s one of those dreary wet days here today. All the better for getting tomorrow’s walk written 🙂 🙂 Thanks for your company.

  7. If it’s not it should be! All your photos require hugs, from leaf to sculpture to tree, and there are still a few left over for you! I’m missing outdoor walking in new places, so you fill a gap.

      1. We would welcome those skies at the moment, everything is dry here and summer is predicted to be hot and dry with lots of storms which don’t always bring us the rain we need. I’m looking forward to some time off and a rest Jo, it has been a hectic year with lots going on at work and more to come in 2017. Hope you’re doing ok 🙂

    1. We were down at Richmond in the Dales on Friday and you could see it on the tops, and on the Moors. Came as a bit of a surprise. 🙂 Very picturesque, but Mick wouldn’t stop the car to let me take photos. We were heading home, and I think he’d had enough of me by then 🙂 🙂 Can you imagine?

  8. What a lovely colour palette Jo – lovely autumn! Though I don’t see an awful lot of it around here as there are not so many trees! Wet and windy here tonight, but not as windy as it is expected in the south-east from all accounts! Stay warm my friend and hug a tree for me on your next day out 🙂

    1. The colours were fantastic in Richmond on Friday, Jude. I didn’t intend to make it next week’s walk but it was so beautiful, and it’s time to stop posting Autumn. Andy cut it pretty close, didn’t he? Thriller of a 3rd set. Wine time now 🙂

      1. Guts and determination – he made some terrible errors today – I hope tomorrow he is on better form, but that was a long match and his body is going to be hurting tomorrow. Novak definitely has the advantage.

      2. All gone now and it is a glorious day – no wind, no rain, even some sunshine and quite mild too! No I think this is the right end… for now 😉

      3. Well the first snows of winter always USED to fall close to my daughter’s birthday which is 23 November when we lived in Doncaster. Things have changed a lot since then though.

  9. lovely photos and thought- all our trees are bare and I lay out on my bed looking at all the interesting shapes the tree branches
    make with no leaves to interfere! Have a super weekend!

      1. They really are beautiful. Today, the burning bushes in our yard are bursting with color. I really do love this time of year.

        As for busy, well, I have to start gearing up for Thanksgiving on Thursday. We usually go to my sister’s, where she does most of the work, but this year, I’ll prepare it here, and only our small family will attend. We had friends over for dinner and dirty martinis last night, and tonight we’re going to Arena State Theater to see Joan Didion’s “The Year of Magical Thinking” with Kathleen Turner playing Didion. 🙂 How about you?

  10. Wow! These are such beautiful shots, Jo! Sadly, with winds wiping up to 40 mph today as our temperatures fall, I’m afraid we’ll lose a lot of leaves. I’m heading out with my camera now! Happy Saturday! xo

    1. Thanks, darlin. I had the most beautiful day romping in the leaves yesterday. The weekend will be quiet. Done zumba, now I can take it gently. How are things with you? 🙂

      1. A quieter weekend thanks Jo after a hectic couple of weeks! Off to the Perth Hills for a family lunch tomorrow, which will be nice. Only 3 weeks until our younger daughter arrives back from London she’ll be here till end of December. Enjoy rest of your weekend!

      2. Brrr…sounds very chilly! Yes she’s certainly looking forward to some sunshine. Winter lingered here for a while and spring has been topsy turvy but it’s warming up. She finds the short dark days the worst thing to deal with but her work is going really well in London so she’ll be staying there for the time being! Hope you stay well rugged up!

  11. l’autunno…che stagione meravigliosa è come se la natura esp’lodesse in tutti i suoi colori prima di chiudere gli occhi al grande sonno
    la prima immagine ne esprime tutta la sua gloria, bellissima
    un bacio e felice week
    ciao bella

  12. These are glorious . . might be sunny and warm here but there isn’t much colour. I’ve been scrambling to find flowers and leaves to photograph these past few days. Have fun at zumba, we are off to the market in shorts and Tshirts 😉

  13. The sun is fighting its way through this morning so maybe the trees in Manchester will have a cheery day!
    Lovely post Jo – very poetic. And the photos match your words.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Beautiful autumn in your part of the world, Jo. You describe the life of trees very well. Come cooler weather, they are often left to fend for themselves, facing the bitter and biting cold. But they must be strong, because they always stand tall when another day comes around 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend, lovely. It is already half over for me here 😀

    1. It’s going through all kinds of mood today, Mabel. Hoping to coax the sun back out for my skip through the park to zumba. It’ll be a frosty slither at this rate 🙂 🙂 Have a good ‘rest of’!

      1. I hope the sun will come out more for you even in the colder months. Thanks, Jo. This weekend is a very relaxing one – first weekend in a while where I don’t have any writing or outings planned 😀 I will enjoy Sunday very much!

  15. Trees are miracles aren’t they? Anytime is tree hugging time (depending on who’s watching!) Have a lovely weekend darling and I hope it stays dry for more leaf kicking x:-)x

    1. Pink skies and frost have given way to huge black sky 😦 Still hopeful 🙂 🙂 Look after yourself, button up and enjoy this last weekend before you’re back in the fray. Hugs, sweetheart!

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