Sunday Post : Autumn

“The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sun-burned hands I used to hold…”

Delicious Nat King Cole.  Oh, that voice!  And then there’s another, wistful “Autumn Leaves” by Ed Sheeran- also a favourite of mine.  Sad songs, nostalgia… Autumn seems always to be about letting go.

I’m in denial!  Jakesprinter’s theme for this week is Autumn and beautiful though it is, I always approach the season regretfully.  It’s no secret, I’m a Summer bird.  Yet the lovely Virginia Creeper on the side of our house has no regard for my feelings, and is subtly, gently taking on those rosey hues.  It must know it gladdens my heart when I turn the corner of my street to be greeted by a wave of colour.

Nowhere better for walking in Autumn than the North Yorkshire villages.  Richmond is a wonderful place for kicking those leaves, beside the mighty River Swale.

Just a tickle of colour

Richmond Castle with a golden frame

The village green at Richmond

The rush of water that I love, the colours so subtle yet

The fine bright days are sometimes overshadowed by the cling of mist and damp, and I rely on the splash of colour from berries and leaves to revive my flagging spirits.

Kildale Abbey swathed in mist

Kilburn Village touched with dark rose

But then, as Autumn progresses, it turns cold and I’m tramping quickly through the woods to keep warm.

The woodland trail

Thankfully we’re not there yet, and I can enjoy some lingering warmth from the sun.  Or, like the birds, I’ll have to fly south for the Winter.

Many thanks to Jake for what is undoubtedly a beautiful theme.  I haven’t begun to do it justice here, but I’m sure you’ll find many inspiring photos if you click on the links or the fabulous flying dragon logo.  Perhaps he’d take me south?


  1. The photos are all great responses but I love that road photo best – it speaks to me about autumn – the solitude, the sadness even. It does not help that Autumn Leaves is now playing in my head. 🙂 I like that song and I think that defined autumn for me even before I saw a real autumn.

    1. It’s kind of wistful- I like it too. Thanks, Imelda. I was out with my walking group last Autumn and kept hanging back to take photos. I wanted to follow the trail to see where it went, but, don’t I always…

  2. A very good series of photos Jo, but like you, I haven’t given in to Autumn just yet. We’re visiting Maine soon, so things might be a little different there, but I still reckon an English Autumn can be just as colourful. If I were to post any Autumn pics at the moment they would have to be old ones which may already have been posted.

  3. Fabulous images Jo, and you are lucky to be able to witness those colour changes! We don’t get to see even a ‘tickle’ 🙂 Have never witnessed fall colours in all my travels!

    1. You almost have me feeling sorry for you, Madhu, but I only have to look at your site to know there’s no need. Didn’t you mention Japan in the near future? Next year you’ll have to do New England in the Fall! (must admit, I’d love to do that too. Let’s arrange it)

  4. My favorite time of the year. You presented us with a selection of beautiful and colorful photos. I enjoyed your words by starting us off with a song. Love Nat King Cole. Great selections for challenge.

  5. Lovely photos:-) Autumn always produces such vibrant colours.
    But like you, I always feel a tinge of sadness at saying goodbye to the summer.
    Fly south with the birds, what a lovely idea 🙂

      1. Hmmm, one day eh? My dream is to travel in the motorhome to warmer climes during the UK winter.
        I wouldn’t put the dogs through it though as they are both old, and I don’t think they’d cope, well Jasp certainly wouldn’t.

  6. wonderful photos!! absolutely love those top two! and I want to be on that road in the bottom photo, ah……hubby is also a summer bird…. every year at this time I attempt to convince him why autumn is the best season. you can maybe relate to his response “ugh, the season of death is upon us.” ah…..thanks for another great entry!

    1. Yes, I know the feeling, Tobyo, though I’m not quite that gloomy. (there’s always the Algarve!) Think I’m a split personality because I don’t mind booting the leaves about on a crispy day, but those gloomy ones…ugh! Thank you.

    1. I do like kicking up the leaves when they’re all crispy, Julie. Thank goodness we haven’t reached that stage yet, but by the time I come back from Portugal it’ll be the slippery slope into Winter. Maybe I won’t come back!

  7. What a beautiful place to reside, oh I would love to be surrounded by such peaceful beauty. Guess I will just have to come visit your beautiful photos when I need the calm and serene they depict. thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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