Jo’s Monday walk : Back on the beach


Whenever we go walking on our north east England coastline, we keep an idle eye open for sea glass.  Usually it’s in milky soft hues, but bottle green and turquoise are not unknown . The little chap above had us well fooled.  He’d obviously swum out of a child’s bucket, to twinkle up at us from the beach.

I won’t be walking with you next week, so I’m determined to leave you with some sunny images.  Last week was a little glum, wasn’t it?


The other half wanders through the shot, distracting me from getting a level horizon.  The one below is better. (and minus my shadow!)


The tide was advancing rapidly that day, and I had to do my famous teetering on rocks act, camera stowed safely in my pocket.  Why is it that he has so much better a sense of balance?  He kindly came back to hold my hand, or we might never have got there.


It’s a coastline with an industrial past, so the rocks are always interestingly speckled and battered.  And there’s the sea glass to enjoy.



Not forgetting the occasional sea monster!  There’s one structure that always draws the eye.  Rotting timbers and frayed stumps simply add to the appeal of the magnificent remnants of Steetley Magnesite’s pier.





I never tire of shooting it, from all angles.  The last shot is a good example of convergence, isn’t it?  Sonel pointed one out to me the other day.  If you’re looking for photographic skill combined with creativity, hers is a great place to visit.

At this point you have a choice.  So long as the tide cooperates you can carry on along the craggy coastline, towards Crimdon Dene.

Sometimes the wind whips up, swirling the sands around you.  Click on the last photo in the gallery above and you’ll be able to make out the pier, in the far distance.  We’ve walked quite a way.  You can continue through the Dene, catching a bus back down the coast road, or you can retrace your steps along the beach.

Eventually you come back to Hartlepool Headland, with it’s proudly standing town walls. It’s been a safe haven for me for many a long year.  Look beyond the harbour, and on the horizon you can just make out the industry along Seal Sands Road, where we went seal spotting last week.


On the Headland, Mary Rowntree’s tearooms have a lovely view across the harbour.  But I feel I know you well enough to invite you back to mine.  I’ll just pop the kettle on.  See you soon!

walking logo

My posting will be haphazard, to say the least, for the next month.  I’m deserting this safe haven for my familiar Algarve one, where I usually switch off from the world and its worries.  I hope to have another walk for you on Monday, 25th April, but just a few days after that I will be accompanying Dad to Poland for 2 weeks.  Another family visit and lots of smiles.

If, in the meantime, you’d like to share a walk, please feel free to do so, but be aware that I might not be able to share it for a while. Many thanks for your continuing support.  As usual, the logo above will take you to my Jo’s Monday walk page.


SO excited to kick off this week with a walk by Lucile!  If you don’t know her, you’re in for a treat (and if you do, you’ll expect the best, and not be disappointed).  AND she’s in Portugal!

Walking through Sights and colours of Lisbon

Introducing a blog called MyScribblez next.  All scribblers amongst you, please pop over and say ‘hi’ :

Quebec on Foot

Drake likes the ladies, especially in an artful pose :

Blooming nudity

The scenery around Greenock is a nice surprise.  Take a look with Anabel :

The Greenock Cut

You won’t be surprised to find that Jackie likes shopping :

St. Lawrence Market

Or that Ellen has a badly behaved dinghy?  Maybe it’s been reformed since this post :

Going for a Walk : Coromandel Town (or Coro pies are best)

Smidge has some nice romantic looking photos from the Scottish Borders :

Dryburgh Abbey & The River Tweed

And Susan… how about close encounters with a good-looking cow or two?

Sadie’s Walk

Denzil got up at the crack of dawn for this walk, so he deserves your appreciation :

GR571 Stage 4 : Trois-Ponts to Vielsam 

And getting me nicely in the mood for the Algarve- thanks a lot, Becky!   Your place or mine?

Exploring the Grande Rota do Guadiana

That’s it folks!  Thanks again for all the shares and for the pleasure you give me.  Take care of yourselves.





  1. What a fantastic day you had … but I can feel the chill in the wind! Love you images of the Steetley Magnesite’s pier. Fantastic angles … you and camera have done a brilliant job. How far is this from where you live. It’s a beautiful coastline.

      1. Beautiful coastline … I have a bit of local beach too, but it only take me 3 min to walk along it. In the middle of the town. I wouldn’t mind walking yours. *smile

    1. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit, Denzil, so yes, please. 🙂 It’ll go on my walk tomorrow. I’m fine thanks, but struggling for time before I’m off to Poland.

      1. Yes, but still juggling a million things rather ineffectively. Doubt it will get better until we depart for Croatia early next month. Hoping to catch up with Paula even if briefly.

      2. You’ll be living it up in Poland, won’t you? 🙂 Dalmatia mostly: Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and some daytrips. Shall be sure to give Paula an extra hug. She’s planning a trip herself. Hope our dates don’t clash.

      3. Dubrovnik is beautiful but I’ve yet to see further north and the islands. One day… Yes, the family will be stuffing me full of cake! Hope to meet Meg if I can xx

  2. What actually happened to the structure?
    You made a great composition of a shot when your other half walked into the distance at the beach! I could almost caption it “Where Man and Nature meets” 🙂

  3. Excellent walk… very chilling, indeed… Also I love the rocks you have found in the way— Great gallery, dear Jo…
    happy week and best wishes. Aquileana 😀

  4. Great pix, Jo. I love those rocks — I built a rock wall once, and that’s when I realized how beautiful, varied and complex rocks are. And that driftwood looks like a small dinosaur! Now I have to go figure out why I am recently not seeing your posts. I’ve missed your walks.

    1. A good breath of fresh air in your lungs now? I’m just playing with lambkins, trying to get my April 25th post ready before I go. A blogger’s work is never done 🙂 🙂

    1. Camera retarded must mean that you’re pretty good with words instead. 🙂 It’s currently throwing bucketfuls of water at my windows so it’s quite strange to be looking at these images myself. Many thanks for being so kind. 🙂

  5. I was gonna yell at you for posting beach images when we are not ready for those quite yet here in Japan, but darn… stunning, creative images, Jo!

  6. The whole walk was so peaceful and I especially loved those so artistic shots of the pier. Good to see you had Mick to help you over the rocks. Enjoy your time away from the frenetic world of blogging and come back all calm and relaxed. Safe journey Jo my blogging buddy.

    1. It’s not bad for a local beach, is it, Pauline? When that sun comes out I’m as happy there as anywhere. 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much for your support and friendship. I’ll be back! Love to you and Jack 🙂

  7. What a beautiful stroll Jo – and I’m a huge fan of sea glass. We found tons of it when we visited Prince Edward Island and it was the first time I’d seen it. Always makes me wonder where it came from and who used it before it ended up in the waves or on the beach. Thanks for sharing and i ABSOLUTELY lovely your pier shots!!

  8. Pretty sea glass and as you know I love a beach walk. I shall come back and read it again tomorrow and also browse the comments and other walks. So tired now, my bed is calling me. We did manage a lovely evening walk along the lane tonight (all of five minutes) then decided to nip up the hill to watch the sun set. Magic. I love it. Enjoy your trips if I don’t manage to catch up with you before you leave.

  9. I find it’s hard to walk on the beach because I’m constantly looking up at the waves and down at my feet for treasures! It can take me an hour to walk half a mile. The beach is certainly one of my favourtite places and I really enjoyed this walk today, Jo. Enjoy your break and switching off from the world and its worries it’s a fab idea 😀 xxxx

    1. The hours seem to shrink in the last day or so before I go, Dianne, and I run faster and faster to cram everything in… and disappear! 🙂 Take care of yourself and thanks for your lovely company and support.

  10. What wonderful blue skies we had for our walk on the beach with you. Loved the interesting rocks, some of them almost look manmade as they have such an interesting mix of colors.

  11. A really beautiful walk, Jo. That sea monster is so adorable. I would have wanted to take him home with me. Love your pier shots to bits and pieces. Have a marvellous time in the Algarve and Poland. Don’t miss us too much. 😀 xx

    1. Almost functional is right, Drake! 🙂 It’s best function is to look beautiful! Thanks, hon. Take care! Will be cheering for Liverpool to beat Dortmund. 🙂

  12. It does look like a long walk, is there always an escape route, if the tide catches you out?
    So you’re off to Tavira on Wednesday, now I’ve been I’ll be even greener. It may be one of those rare places that I go back to. Have a lovely time, hope the weather is good. And then Poland, you’ll get to meet Meg, you lucky girl. x:-)x

    1. You can usually get up to the cliff top or dunes, depending which part you’re at Gilly. 🙂 I seldom do all of it- more often there and back when I’ve had enough, or can tear myself away from the pier.
      Do you have any travel plans for the year yet, Gilly? I’m trying to get my head round where/when but there’s too much going on at the present. The weather didn’t look great when Mick looked at the forecast yesterday but then it had gone up a couple of degrees to 20C and the rain disappeared on today’s forecast, so we’ll just wait and see. Mostly warm and dry- fingers crossed- but it is what it is, and no less beautiful for that. As you know. 🙂 I do hope to meet up with Meg, but family commitments mean I’m not a free agent when I’m there. Will try though. 🙂

      1. Nothing booked yet, but a vague plan to go back to Barcelona, in September. The problem is two little borfer terrorists that are getting on a bit.Dido has a health condition that needs careful managing, and neither of them like other dogs, so holidays are difficult to sort out! It would be lovely to see Meg, she’s one of my very favourites in our blogging gang. If she was in a city I could fly to from Bristol, I might have tried for a coule of days. But it’s a big country and hard to navigate without any Polish language!

      2. Meg may yet come here! It wouldn’t surprise me altogether. We’ll see! I’m familiar with the dog issues. One of my best friends over here had the same problem for many years. She now has a youngster (dog- no children!) that she can hardly bear to leave so abroad hols are severely curtailed. 🙂

      3. My neighbours across the road regularly go to a place they have in France, taking their three huge German shepherds in the car with them, ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff i think, crazy!

  13. Have a wonderful time away Jo! I loved this walk very much. wonderful compositions of the photos and of course I love the color. As to balance mine is not great either. I blame a broken foot which seems to have taught my brain that I only have one leg and most fall over at any given moment. Ah well we just manage as we can right? Safe travels Xo

    1. Thanks a lot, Sue! 🙂 I don’t have any such excuse- I’m just naturally very clumsy. This morning we managed to find quite a bit of mud on our country walk, and I’m just as bad in that. 🙂 I have SO little in common with goats!

  14. you made the most of a gorgeous day Jo ! Balancing on those sea wedy rocks is really rather hazardous , I know from past experinces Lol .How fortunate to have a steadying hand nearby .I just LOVE that pier .. you really will have to set the alarm clock one of these days and show us it at daybreak 😉

    1. Alarm clock, Pops??? Only for early morning flights. 🙂 I am quite an early riser but on foot it would take me maybe 45 mins to get there. And at my age…. 🙂

      1. Going to see the bluebonnets this week – 40 miles of nothing but gorgeous fields of flowers. Can’t wait, but the remainder of the week I’ll be painting (indoor painting, not art – darn!).

    1. Hiya, darlin’. 🙂 It’s a kind of ‘holding’ walk, composite of a couple I’ve done, because I love our little fish friend and I wanted to leave something cheerful on the site while I’m not here. 🙂 I did a lovely country walk this morning, with the tiniest, whitest lambs I’ve ever seen. Totally adorable! Looking forward to my time offline though. Look after yourself, Paula. I may have WiFi courtesy of our neighbours so I’ll check in if I can. Sending hugs! 🙂

  15. Loved all your photos in this post!
    They reminded me of my own walks on the Atlantic coast , many years ago , where I could find more than a surprise everyday ….
    I love the beautiful stones you found and keep myself some very similar, on my desk!

  16. I love the fantastical shaped driftwood, rocks and sea glass on the beach, as well as the wind blowing the sand about. I’m glad you’re going to the Algarve again; I know you love it dearly. Have a great trip there and to Poland. Hugs, Jo. xxx

    1. It’s wonderful to have that switch off, just for a little while, Jill. 🙂 Happy-go-lucky though I may be, there are still stresses. Thanks, darlin’. Take good care of yourself! 🙂

  17. Wonderful shots Jo, the weather is cooling here in Australia but what a great way to start the week looking at your lovely beach images. Hope you relax and have a wonderful break.

  18. Good morning, Jo. Walking with you was the best to do today before immersing on a crazy schedule.
    Such blissful and peaceful views.
    And I like all photos, especially the convergence, the stones and the endless sight of the sea. Thank you very much for the treat.
    I wish you safe travels and lots of fun and relaxation.

  19. Brushing the sand from my toes, slight tan on my head an arms, and now can’t wait to get thhe cafe to enjoy that view while resting. Enjoyed the wander again…Down here it is raining and miserable, it is nice to get away…

  20. Wow! You never cease to amaze me Jo! These are absolutely so perfect and of course I love our walks on the beach and will never tire of it as well. The sea glass is my favourite and those rocks are just gorgeous! Love the textures and patterns. 😀

    Perfect shot for Paula’s Convergence challenge darling and I am glad you remembered. The beauty you capture should be seen by everyone!

    Thanks for this lovely walk and for sharing all this beauty nature has to give. I think i am going to lie down on the beach now and listen to the waves.

    ♥ Hugs ♥ for a beautiful day. ❤

    1. Thank you, sweetheart. That’s so kind of you! 🙂 Mick was really looking forward to just idling on an Algarve beach but he made the mistake of looking at the weather forecast. It might be a different kind of plodging, Sonel. Do I care? 🙂 🙂 Still smiling!

      1. Maybe the weather will play along. Let’s hope. 😀

        Of course you don’t, and I don’t either. Have fun gorgeous! 😀 ♥

  21. Love the Steetley Magnesite pier, I need to see that one day (where exactly is it?) Have fun in the Algarve and in Poland,you lucky gadabout lady! 😀

    1. You can’t miss it if you stand on the promenade at Hartlepool Headland, Sue. (Old Hartlepool, that is, as opposed to the marina) It’s just a 5 minute stroll up the beach. (well, maybe 10 🙂 )
      I’ve been home for AGES! 🙂

      1. OK… I’m going to get thinking seriously about a trip North next year – so many places I want to visit! This year already has quite a lot going on for a compromised bunny….

      2. Compromised? Oh dear! 🙂 🙂 You’re a lovely bunny! Jude mentioned Edinburgh in September but I don’t know what dates. I hope to persuade Mick on ‘a great southern adventure’ later in the year- years since I was in Cornwall and never with him. And then James wants to spend time in Portugal with us around August Bank Hol. What a wonderful life! 🙂 (if somewhat exhausting 🙂 )

  22. I especially like the Steetley Magnesite’s pier – I am going to Google it later. What a good weekend it was, we went to Beverley, I had never been before. What a place, we will be going back!

    1. I wasn’t sure if you’d already gone to Spain, Andrew. Indifferent weather forecast but we’ll cope, won’t we? 🙂
      Heard very good things about Beverley but never actually been. It’s just slightly ‘off the radar’ from here. Will move it up the list.
      Yes, you’d like Steetley’s pier. 🙂

  23. Wonderful beach walk Jo, perfect to get you in the mood for a Ria Formosa stroll. Looking forward to catching up, I’ll text you in a while about dates 🙂

      1. Saturday was great but yesterday was a tad unsettled but we got out in morning for a walk, and in afternoon for the Loule festival. 🙂 Umbrellas around but not really needed, so fingers crossed will be similar for the next couple of days as the forecasts look the same as yesterday. Scarier than they actually are!!

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