Six word Saturday


An Easter bouquet, from our house…


to yours!

Lisa arrived, in a burst of colour and joy, with flowers and the card she’d made.  My Good Friday was the happiest I have shared in a long time.  We walked, in warm Spring sunshine.  We talked.  We ate, and laughed, and smiled a lot.


This morning my house is peaceful, while I wait for everyone to stir.  Wishing you all much love this Easter!  I hope that you are equally blessed.



  1. 🐰🌼🐣 What a lovely arrangement and card. And of course the icing on the cake is that they were brought by your daughter! Thank you for hanging out with me on Instagram as I hide behind my camera there. I promise a post by month. And I’ll say it again here because it is such good news….’the scans were clear, the treatment is working’. Have a wonderful Easter!


    1. Thanks sweetheart. 🙂 I’d bought tulips and a plummy lobelia to sit on the hearth with my Polish Easter eggs, and now I have this burst of happiness at the other end. They make me smile every time I look at them. Happy Easter to you! 🙂


  2. I’m hoping that next year we might have the pleasure of family visiting. This year though has been a lot of cleaning and ready meals 😉 But it is beginning to feel a lot like home 🙂


  3. The card is delightful, as are the flowers. Sounds as if Easter weekend started off well for you. A social today has been the highlight so far for me, with more activities ahead tomorrow. Enjoy the warm weather!


  4. Such gorgeous flowers and I love the card Jo! I can see you enjoy having Lisa there. Have fun and enjoy the weekend. 😀 ♥


      1. Sounds like my kind of weather. Where is that teleport when you need it. LOL!

        Enjoy supper and have fun darling. ♥ Hugs ♥ to you as well. >3

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      1. All being well Sao Bras in morning and Loule in afternoon! MrB not 100% though so decision to be taken in morning – I’m confident though that if we have chocolate for breakfast he’ll be raring to go!


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