A musical interlude

Pearlescent beauty

Pearlescent beauty

Sometimes this blogging world leads me down paths I don’t really want to take.  What place does an Ibanez guitar have in a travel blog?  But it is an instrument of great beauty, and though he rarely plays it these days, a treasured possession of my son’s.

You’re used to seeing my daughter sashay through my pages, with her inimitable flair and style. James, though, would not appreciate an appearance here, though he’s happy enough to perform in another venue.

He’s a left hander who started his musical journey as an Iron Maiden fan.  A proud moment when he was in sixth form college was having Janick Gers (a local lad made very good) from Maiden come to their new recording studio.  The photo still lives on my study wall, and I won’t embarrass James by showing it here.

His real love is recording, though he loves to play too.  Down the years I have followed his musical tastes, sometimes with real pleasure, sometimes with horror.  Instruments have come and gone, but these days it’s not so much the instruments that occupy every available space in his bedroom (and beyond!)  It’s the array of sound pedals and gadgetry which I totally fail to appreciate. There’s little beauty to them.

Many have graced his pedalboard, and I do remember a pretty yellow one.  A little like photography, nothing comes ‘untampered with’ these days, and James will spend many happy hours on his laptop, composing and mixing the sounds.

For me there is nothing quite so fine as listening to my son strum his guitar and sing.

So, many thanks to Jake for reminding me.  Have you joined in with this week’s Sunday Post challenge?  You’re running out of time!


  1. What a beautiful guitar …. and I didn’t know that you had a son. So there is some musical blood in the family … wonderful. I admire anyone that is passionate about their music and talent.
    Stunning gallery of the guitar.

    1. James is 24, Vivi, and totally does not want to be featured in this blog, though I’m sure he’s in here somewhere. Ah yes- Lisa’s wedding, when he was looking very presentable 🙂

  2. Singing and strumming .. sounds lovely Jo at a reasonable volume 😉
    Some serious equipment there … but that’s one beautiful guitar !
    Have a fun weekend Jo !

    1. The amplifier is a hefty size, Poppy. Has caused the odd problem with the neighbours, but we’re peaceful this weekend 🙂 (too busy watching football) Thanks, hon. Nice family things going on for you?

      1. BB just today returned from a WW2 Camper road trip to Holland … A sharpener.. juicy steaks and home made chunky chips on the horizon … Will catch sight of DD tomorrow no doubt 😉

  3. Jo, I love that Ibanez guitar. It’s beautiful. I know what you mean about being horrified and pleased by James’s different musical tastes. Some of the most beautiful music has been introduced to me by my son Alex, as well as some of the most terrible noise! I’m sure the music your son plays gives you much pleasure. Happy Easter!

    1. Hi Cathy! You must be doing some family stuff this Easter? Lovely day today. Bit of a fresh wind but if you could find a sheltered spot…. I don’t even mind mending jeans if I can do it in the sun 🙂

      1. We’re having a family dinner tonight for Easter; it looks like it should be a nice day, so I’ll head out for a walk soon. I hope you have a happy Easter! 🙂 xxx

  4. Oh I wish I can play a music instrument! I think it is awesome to be able play to guitar…and having a family member to be a musician…your family dining experience can be live up with his music..
    Beautiful story and photos Jo, I wish you a wonderful Easter weekend!

  5. Lovely images for the challenge, Jo. It’s such a joy to have a musician in the house, isn’t it. My son fell in love with the guitar at a very young age, and I’ve always enjoyed listening to him play. 🙂

  6. Jo, I tell this much. You are very very very lucky to have a son with musical talent and passion. And kudos to you for supporting him. Musicians fascinate and impress me with their passion and their talent of creating music.

    1. He would love to earn his living in a recording studio, Rommel, but so far the opportunity hasn’t come along. But you can have a lifetime’s pleasure from music. 🙂 Happy Easter to you!

  7. It happened the same with my sister. One of her best presents this Christmas was an electric guitar…I think I may regret a bit of our decission since she hasn’t been especially “silent”. So good luck 😉

  8. That is a beautiful guitar. It looks like it could be mother of pearl.
    I tried to learn the guitar many years ago. I could only get as far as “Row row row your boat” and even that was terrible! 🙂

  9. Only so many ways to photograph a guitar; you’ve done an excellent job of showing the beauty in this one and made the photos different from others I’ve seen.

    1. He’s upstairs tinkering away now 🙂 I really miss it if he’s been home for a week or so then goes back to Leeds. I find myself playing Biffy Clyro just to ‘stay in the groove’. Vegas hot enough for you, Sue?

      1. That’s so nice he is home visiting. Our grown kids live in Calgary so we are lucky to see them often. We were just in Vegas for a few days last weekend. Back to the snow…still coming down 🙂

  10. That’s a pretty guitar and some lovely photography too – although the second gallery doesn’t do much for me! I’m not in the least musical, but the OH plays guitar, writes and records – which is why we need a house with space for a music studio when we move O-o
    I don’t think he has one of these though, or if he does it’s not as pretty.
    Jude xx

    1. James plays an electric guitar more often, Jude. An immense amplifier lives in his bedroom and drives the neighbour wild 😦 Not so much these days as he’s in Leeds all week.
      Enjoy Cornwall tomorrow! It was very pleasant here today, though I spent too much time watching Rafa play at Monte Carlo. Still managed a walk though. Happy Easter!

      1. The OH says it is a beauty! And no he doesn’t have one, but he did have an Ibanez once – not a satinwood though.

        One of my sons used to DJ and he had mixer decks in his room – sometimes I’d arrive home from work and could hear him half way down the street if he had the window open. So embarrassing!

  11. I see the music talent runs in your lovely family as well Jo. What a stunning guitar and an Ibanez too! Hubby has one but it doesn’t look like this one. Gorgeous shots hon and thanks for sharing. 😀

    1. I came looking for you this morning, Sonel, but comments were closed on your last post. Glad to see you’re still out there. I’ll pop by this evening. 🙂
      He’s a good guitarist and it’s nice having him around again for Easter. Have a happy one, Sonel!

      1. Thanks Jo and sorry for that. I wasn’t feeling so well so I set the comments to close after 3 days as I don’t like them hanging for too long before I answer, but thanks for trying to comment. Doing much better though. 🙂

        I am sure you are going to enjoy having him around hon. We sure miss them when they’re not there. Have a great weekend too hon. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

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