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One of Girona's many bridges

Crossing a bridge in Girona, Spain

Ramblas de Mar in Barcelona

Ramblas de Mar in Barcelona

London's Waterloo Bridge from the ferry terminal

London’s Waterloo Bridge from the ferry terminal
Most Tumski in Wroclaw, Poland

Most Tumski in Wroclaw, Poland

Iconic Tyne Bridge viewed from the Millenium "Eye"

Iconic Tyne Bridge, viewed from the Millennium “Eye”

I joined Pinterest soon after it started, but I’m pleased to report I never really caught the bug.  Life is simply too short.  But I do receive weekly updates and from time to time find myself ensnared. Especially when it concerns one of my favourite subjects- bridges.

Go Euro- Berlin

I’ve never visited the city of Berlin, but this random fact caught my attention.  Can it possibly be true?  Loving bridges as I do, the city has now moved significantly up my wish list.  Just how long it would take me to count them, I don’t know.  But I’d be game to find out.  Wouldn’t you?

GoEuro promise rail, coach and air in just one search.


  1. You just knew that you’d draw me in with your photos of bridges. I have been to Berlin, but I can’t say that the bridges are what I remember from my visit. Love your Tyne bridge – the original model for my post for H this week, I do believe 🙂

    Never used Pinterest, I did have a look at some point but decided that there are not enough hours in the day. I’m not even sure what you use it for! Sue has a point about people lifting images without crediting the owner, if that’s what happens. I am happy to share my images, but it is only polite to acknowledge who took the photo surely?
    Jude xx

    1. Begs the question, what DID you notice, Jude? Good impressions? I’m just day dreaming again, of course.
      I haven’t done any sharing on Pinterest (I don’t think!). Just liked a few things 🙂

      1. Well, it was the first time away with the man who later became my 3rd husband (I know, don’t ask 🙂 ) so I guess I was pretty lovesick! I do remember Unter den Linden and the zoo. We were staying in what was East Berlin so it was quite interesting.

  2. As you may have noticed, I am also on Pinterest. However, like you I’ve never really been drawn in to the platform, it all seems a bit impersonal. I just use it for blog promotion.
    I do love a good bridge though.

    1. I haven’t noticed, Dale, sorry 😦 I go through phases of remembering to check if people are on Google +, Pinterest, etc and then I forget all about it. Seems kind of pointless linking up on them all? Give me a bridge, any day 🙂

    1. Must admit, flights aren’t easy Andrew. I checked out the Go Euro site and it would take me quite a long time to get there, expensively. Let me know if you spot a good offer 🙂

  3. It’s so beautiful there Jo. You know I love bridges as well and yours are always so gorgeous!
    I am on Pinterest too but just like you I have too many other things that keeps me occupied. Now and then I will update it but between Facebook (that I really hate) and WordPress (that I really love) I find it difficult to do most of the things I love to do, like watching movies, taking photo’s and then have fun editing them. I’m tired again today so I am not in the mood for anything but visiting your blog always cheers me up. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

    1. Bless you, darlin- have a lazy day 🙂 I was out walking on the cliff tops yesterday and it was glorious. Got to go and do some cleaning at Dad’s today. Can’t be all fun, can it? Gentle hug!

  4. Morning Jo, I was in Berlin for a couple of days for an OU tutorial in 2009, and didn’t see many bridges but I did form a marvellous impression of the city and would love to be able to go back for longer. I don’t know what Pin is – other than the numbers I have to tap into an ATM!

  5. I will have to tell The Daughter that…she is headed to Berlin in April. I joined Pinterest. I do pin my own posts, but other than that not really in to it all.

    1. I use Google+ like that, Jo. Too many random places on social media for my tiny brain. I’d like to Instagram but my phone is out of the Ark! 🙂
      Wonder if your daughter needs company? It does look an interesting city. (I’m in Poland for another wedding from 29th)

      1. I use Google+ for that too. I have stayed away from instagram…too complicated for me. I am not sure when she is there. She goes to the States on the 4th…to visit friends and go to Coachella. Then she flies to Budapest. She is training it from there…going to Berlin, then on to Holland for her grandparents 40th anniversary, and her cousin’s wedding. But I have no idea of her schedule. Poland for a wedding…wow…you do get about.

  6. This pictures remind me to my Kids. I bought them a book, encyclopedia of cities in the world. In a page, we see the bridge in London, and Immediately he asked me to take him there. 😀
    He just 7 years old, but he had become a travel addict, like his mom 😀
    I wish, someday we could be there 🙂

  7. Superb photos Jo…I am on Pinterest but hardly use it – in fact I can’t remember when I last logged in, but I still get annoying emails from them…

  8. I’m not too keen on the concept of Pinterest as people just take other people’s images, frequently/mostly without credit…does that make me old fashioned, miserly…. ?

    1. Not necessarily, Sue, but it’s the answer I expected from you 🙂 I always try to be open to new ideas but if I go running off down all the rabbit holes I never get anything done!

  9. Hi Jo, I am on pinterest too and I do enjoy some of the really lovely pictures on it. Like you I am not addicted to it.just the occasional walk around. For me it is nature pictures. 🙂

    1. Morning Ute 🙂 It’s lovely here this morning! I think it’s good for ‘crafty’ folk, but it’s too easy to get lost in the glorious travel photos. I’m restless enough!

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