Looking up and back!

This is where we started, isn’t it? Awestruck by the amazing spectacle that is Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia. I can’t resist another couple of images.

But it would be wrong to stop there. Barcelona is so much more! A kaleidoscope of colour and interwoven parts. Come with me, one last time!

Thanks, Becky, for being a wonderful hostess, and for letting me revisit Barcelona. I’d forgotten how magnificent it was.

#SquareUp (plus 3 oblongs) P.S. Did anyone see this from Andrew?

Six word Saturday

Time to make a supreme effort!

It seems only fair to include the Cathedral, often overshadowed by Gaudi’s Basilica. Not forgetting the geese, and St. George and the dragon.

Tomorrow is the last day to join Becky. Meanwhile, Debbie’s still jetting around?


Six Word Saturday


Don’t look down or you’re scuppered!

What about that for a view? All of Barcelona at your feet. We’ve hit the heights at Tibidabo’s fairground. If you look hard you can see La Sagrada Famila down there, and all the way out to the harbour. A huge relief that the big dipper wasn’t working that day or I might have been scuppered!


A Stupendous view!

Today I’m looking from one piece of Gaudi architecture to another, and up close and personal with these formidable Warriors. I seemed to fool most people with What’s up, Doc? yesterday. It’s my final Gaudi building but I’m not yet done with Barcelona. By my reckoning there are still five days of squares to come. Where next, I wonder?


What’s Up, Doc?

And so to the last of my Gaudi buildings. You had a peep inside Casa Milá (La Pedrera) on Silent Sunday yesterday, but it is the Warrior Rooftop which is truly spectacular. Scroll down the above link to catch a glimpse of the Butterfly and Flower Courtyards, and of the Gaudi exhibition in the attic. You might recognise the photo below, which would make a good brown for Jude’s Colours. I’m not sure about the warriors- a sort of beigey-brown? You can find a full history of the building in the La Pedrera section of the link. And an open top bus is a great way to see Barcelona.


Follow up

If ever I return to Barcelona it will be a priority to book a tour at Hospital de Sant Pau, Doménech i Montaner’s other famous work and a UNESCO World Heritage site. When I was there the building was behind screens and in the process of being restored. Now a functioning space as well as a formidable work of art, the following video is in Spanish, but I’m sure you’ll still appreciate it. The link above contains information about visits, for the future, of course. Meantime we can fly high with Becky.