In search of threes

For those of you who think I spend my life languishing in the Algarve sunshine, here’s a look at Restlessjo’s everyday world.  Let’s start at the railway station, shall we?

If the weather’s good, I don’t need to travel far.  Many of my shots are taken on Hartlepool Headland.  There are always boats, or some form of activity.  Now we have a fleet of windmills out at sea.  Look closely at the middle photo.

The promenade wraps around Old Hartlepool, as the Headland used to be known.  A brisk walk along it will surely blow the cobwebs away.  In the distance, signs of former industry.

The town wall is probably the nicest part of the Headland, and certainly the warmest.  These were taken on a warm but strangely foggy day last Summer.  The fog disappeared as rapidly as it came.

Not such a bad old place, is it?  This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Did I tell my story in threes?


  1. 101 likes????? I wonder why!!! Have I missed something while I been away *laughing.
    Jo, a brilliant entry – 3 times 3 – Excellent job, girlfriend. *smile

      1. Yours maybe … but not mine *crying !!!!!
        The most I had is 84, but I’m okay with that … the revisiting is a killer – today when I open up my email – 280 of them, there is no way I can do that every day, but I been good today. Nearly 6 hours none-stop.

    1. As I watch another beautiful sunrise, Debbie, I’m feeling pretty lucky to be alive right now 🙂 The town was properly in the doldrums for a lot of years, and parts of it are still no picture book. The economy is doing poorly but you have to make the best of what you have? ‘Nuff said 🙂 Have a happy week!

    1. No, Shane 🙂 Sorry- I realise my site is confusing sometimes because I flit about a bit. This is on the north east coast of England- my home base. But you’re right- Poland is beautiful. If you’ve spare time have a glance at my A-Z of Poland page. Many thanks for returning the visit.

      1. Oh wow, even better. England is definitely on my travel list. I used to watch a show called Location, Location, Location and my wife and I absolutely loved each time they drove into the countryside to find their clients a country home. The scenery around you must be amazing.

  2. An absolutely stunning post and story of threes Jo! Just as you can do it hon. Very creative and interesting and the photo’s are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*

  3. I started with the railway shots, Sherri, because I took them a couple of weeks ago when I was going to see my daughter and they came immediately to mind. After that, I got carried away 🙂

  4. Loved your stories of ‘Threes’ Jo, the town wall looks like a lovely place to walk. I loved the station too. I have to figure out how to post a gallery of photos like this, heading over to the daily prompt to see how! Yet to do my ‘three’ post, thinking, thinking… 😉

  5. la nebbia accresce il fascino dei luoghi, certo questo nella bella stagione…ma penso possa essere altrettanto durante i mesi freddi
    buona giornata Giovanna, un grande abbraccio
    Fog enhances the charm of places, certainly in the summer … but I think it can be just as during the cold months
    good day Giovanna, a big hug

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