The Joy of Going Back

I tried to be a good guest and mind my party manners, but the excitement was too much for me. I just had to “reblog” on here.

Bespoke Traveler

Many of you already read the lovely posts from Restless Jo. For those of you who don’t, our wonderful friend has written a little story about returning to one of her favorite spots. 

The Ria Formosa - Photo courtesy of Restless Jo The Ria Formosa – Photo courtesy of Restless Jo

For someone who loves blue skies and the endless lapping of sea to shore, it’s hard to imagine a finer destination than the Algarve.  Quite how fate brought me to this eastern edge of Portugal and a town called Tavira, I’m not entirely certain.  What I do know is that I have no regrets, and as the years go by, I find new pleasures with each successive visit.

Tavira sits quietly astride the River Gilao, with her back to the hills, looking out across the broad expanse of salt marshes to the sea.  Fishing boats line the quay, and in summer the ferry chugs out to the…

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  1. Hi Jo, I didn’t know if you’d see what I wrote on the original post, so here it is: I had the immense pleasure of visiting Jo at her place in Tavira last summer, and I guarantee it’s everything she says it is. Her love of the Algarve is infectious, and I caught it as well. It was lovely to see it through her eyes and to get to know her a little.

    It was a lovely treat visiting you in Tavira, all around! xxx

  2. I have missed this post …. so sorry, what a fantastic gesture from your friend. Beautiful photos and written, as always … to just make if feel like that I’m there with you and share your longings.

      1. Great to hear from you …. not much to catch up with. Didn’t have a great day yesterday and today I have WP problems.
        Glad you had a fantastic day and I’m sure I will get a chance read about it. *smile

  3. my kind of coast – I am soon to return to Croy Shore the beach beneath Culzean Castle (if you are familiar) my Dad took me there as child and I long to return and see what it is like and whether it matches my memory

    1. Thanks, Sonel. It was a pleasure to write, but it always makes me wish I was back there. Will have to take myself out walking and forget about it this morning. More hugs! 🙂

  4. So many beautiful reasons to go back to. It looks and feels like paradise and if it’s me, I can live there forever. One of my bucket list is to live close to the ocean, perhaps one day my prayers will be heard. Thanks for an amazing post.

    1. Thanks for spending time in my place, Mr. B 🙂 You’ll always be welcome.
      I read (on Sherri) that you will soon be making a move back to the beach, and family, in California? Sounds like the dream is not too far away. I hope so 🙂 We only have one life.

    1. Thanks, Ventis. I saw your comment about the buddleia but haven’t had time to respond yet! Not enough hours in the day. 🙂 You are very welcome. Enjoy this one (day, I mean!) Affectionate hug.

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