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One of Girona's many bridges

Crossing a bridge in Girona, Spain

Ramblas de Mar in Barcelona

Ramblas de Mar in Barcelona

London's Waterloo Bridge from the ferry terminal

London’s Waterloo Bridge from the ferry terminal
Most Tumski in Wroclaw, Poland

Most Tumski in Wroclaw, Poland

Iconic Tyne Bridge viewed from the Millenium "Eye"

Iconic Tyne Bridge, viewed from the Millennium “Eye”

I joined Pinterest soon after it started, but I’m pleased to report I never really caught the bug.  Life is simply too short.  But I do receive weekly updates and from time to time find myself ensnared. Especially when it concerns one of my favourite subjects- bridges.

Go Euro- Berlin

I’ve never visited the city of Berlin, but this random fact caught my attention.  Can it possibly be true?  Loving bridges as I do, the city has now moved significantly up my wish list.  Just how long it would take me to count them, I don’t know.  But I’d be game to find out.  Wouldn’t you?

GoEuro promise rail, coach and air in just one search.

Six word Saturday


Did I tell you about Girona?

Striking, isn't it?

Striking, isn’t it?

My day trip from Barcelona.  There’s a story or two to tell, but as I only have six words, it’ll have to be pictorial.  Just click on the gallery.

Girona in a nutshell.  I wanted to come here in May for the flower festival, but it was more peaceful in November, and a wonderful escape from the city.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I’m playing Six word Saturday, thanks to Cate at Show My Face.  Click on the links or the header and you can play too.  Happy weekend!