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One of Girona's many bridges

Crossing a bridge in Girona, Spain

Ramblas de Mar in Barcelona

Ramblas de Mar in Barcelona

London's Waterloo Bridge from the ferry terminal

London’s Waterloo Bridge from the ferry terminal
Most Tumski in Wroclaw, Poland

Most Tumski in Wroclaw, Poland

Iconic Tyne Bridge viewed from the Millenium "Eye"

Iconic Tyne Bridge, viewed from the Millennium “Eye”

I joined Pinterest soon after it started, but I’m pleased to report I never really caught the bug.  Life is simply too short.  But I do receive weekly updates and from time to time find myself ensnared. Especially when it concerns one of my favourite subjects- bridges.

Go Euro- Berlin

I’ve never visited the city of Berlin, but this random fact caught my attention.  Can it possibly be true?  Loving bridges as I do, the city has now moved significantly up my wish list.  Just how long it would take me to count them, I don’t know.  But I’d be game to find out.  Wouldn’t you?

GoEuro promise rail, coach and air in just one search.


  1. WHOA! Lots of comments! Beautiful photos indeed!

    I belong but between Flickr, Instagram and WP and sometimes StumbleUpon I just can’t find the time ! Can someone please add an extra 2 hours each day?


    1. I’ll come and “friend” you on there, Debbie, but it’s a bit like Flickr for me. I started but never have the time to keep up. Posted some lovely Porto and Douro memories on Pin yesterday. That’s my quota for at least a year 🙂 Thanks, hon.


  2. I do use Pinterest. I have over 9000 pins so far… I do it in spurts. It does suck a lot of your time though, so if you aren’t overly interested to get into it!
    I would love to see all those bridges too! Sounds like it would be a fun time trying to count them all! 😉


    1. I think it’s great for the “crafties”, Tonya (like yourself 🙂 ) but for photography I’m not so sure. But I put a heap of Porto and Douro photos in there yesterday, just for the lovely trip down Memory Lane.


    1. I had no idea what was on mine, Elaine, so I thought I’d better look yesterday. I was horrified to find just a few random bits so I topped it up with Porto and Douro photos. Lovely trip down Memory Lane 🙂 It’s quite quick to do, but then your photos are out there for anyone to use, so I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not!


      1. Some people use it to promote their stuff Elaine. If you use the button at the bottom of your post it sort of does but I don’t like it much.


      2. I have, of course, now wasted some time at the weekend looking at Pinterest! There are lots of really lovely things to look at, and I noticed that website/blog addresses are there, which I hadn’t known before. I don’t think I’ll use, but now I am going to have to resist browsing it! 🙂


  3. ringrazio te e Micael per la gentile risposta alla mia richiesta per il nome del fiore…purtroppo non ho risposto subito per ringraziare ed ora non trovo più il post corrispondente scusami

    Thank you and Micael for the kind reply to my request for the name of the flower … Unfortunately I didn’t respond immediately to thank and now I can’t find the corresponding post sorry


      1. Heck! No… just about to throw some clothes on and gallop off to t’ai chi. Dad’s 86th birthday today too so bit busy. Later… 🙂 Have a good day!


      2. Have a great day … and regards to you dad … for a very mild Sweden and me.
        Go easy on yourself. See you later!!!!! A big comfortable hug.


  4. I have never pinned neither and I don’t think I will start neither. Your photos are good to be pinned everywhere. Keep on bringing you beautiful view on our world … and keep on pinning. *smile
    Just before bed hug … at home now with a VERY “sorry ass” *smile


      1. We all have our rides … so long as they don’t go sideways – I think we will be okay. Keep on doing what you’re doing .. do it hanging upside down if needed too. *smile
        Always in your corner.


  5. I’ll join the “so-so on Pinterest” crowd today, I have an account and I try to like it but it hasn’t really grabbed my attention. I think it’s because WP has spoiled with so many great bloggers providing background to their beautiful images. Like you!


    1. That’s how I feel too, Christine. I joined out of curiosity- like a few of my ill-fated ventures 🙂
      It was a great sky that day! They don’t always have to be blue (did I really say that!)


  6. Jo I recently joined Pinterest with the directions of my adult kids to be utilizing all available social media tools. I am keeping focused on travel because I would like get sucked into the vortex of endless gawking 🙂


  7. come i ponti uniscono le due sponde, le foto uniscono le distanze, e si viaggia di meraviglie con te amica Giovanna

    la foto della testata è spettacolare!
    as the bridges join the two sides, the pictures combine the distances, and traveling with you friend marvels Giovanna

    the header picture is spectacular!


  8. I’m not into other SM platforms, Tumblr has taken my interest for the way it shows photos, No more.

    Anyway, your Tyne bridges photo gave me the chance to say that one of my mates from university designed that bridge, and both the Tyne and Sydney Harbour bring back so many memories for us.

    Bridge to the past I suspect.


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