Six word Saturday


From a wedding to a funeral

Last week I shared with you the joy of my daughter’s Victorian style wedding.  On Monday the husband of a lifelong friend died, after she had cared for him at home, very courageously.  On Thursday we attended a moving ceremony, and said our goodbyes.  So much can change in a week.

All week long I’ve been wondering if I should share these six words, which have played again and again in my head.  Yesterday evening I spent some time looking at my daughter’s photos of her Venice honeymoon.  When “we girls” were together after the funeral we talked about “old times”, as we always do.  And, of course, the subject of Lisa and the wedding was raised.  She sometimes lay in her carry-cot at the “Girl’s Nights” we held in each other’s homes back then.  We still do, though the children are long grown.  I felt that I  needed to share these six words this week, and to share with them a couple of her beautiful photographs.

Lisa in Venice

Lisa in Venice

The Palazzo Ducale, covered in snow

The Palazzo Ducale, covered in snow

Did you ever see more beautiful rooftops?

Did you ever see more beautiful rooftops?

These masked revellers were beautiful in white too

These masked revellers were beautiful in white too

And how about pretty in pink?

And wasn’t this lady pretty in pink?

But, of course, it ends with Lisa

But, of course, it all comes back to Lisa

Life is short.  Love while you can.

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  1. Gosh what a week youve had Jo! The photos are stunning and I love your words…they areprobably very true…
    Sorry to hear about your friends husband,hope she is as ok as she can be at this time xxxx

  2. Joy and sadness…. but sounds as if your friend has a true friend in you Jo, someone she can turn to. Folks with no family rely on the reaching out of others in such times .
    On the joyous side what fabulous pics ! Your daughter surely looks v v happy !
    Very meaningful sentiments your last words, couldn’t agree more .

  3. Jo, I’m so glad you shared your six words. Lisa is so lovely and her photos transport me back. So sorry for your loss paired with your joy, but glad that you could be there for your friend. All the best, Terri

    1. Thanks, Lorna. It is a sensitive subject and I didn’t want anyone to be hurt by it, but when you start to make friends in the blogging community, you want to share some of the not so good stuff too. It’s strange isn’t it, how complete strangers can become your friends?

  4. One day maybe … I will make it to the winter festival in Venice. Lisa look stunning – I love the couple in red and pink – some event.
    Sorry about your friends lost, even if maybe death can be a great relief after long time of illness – the finale goodbye is always hard. Yes, we have to live here and now … the best way we can.

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