Six word Saturday


From a wedding to a funeral

Last week I shared with you the joy of my daughter’s Victorian style wedding.  On Monday the husband of a lifelong friend died, after she had cared for him at home, very courageously.  On Thursday we attended a moving ceremony, and said our goodbyes.  So much can change in a week.

All week long I’ve been wondering if I should share these six words, which have played again and again in my head.  Yesterday evening I spent some time looking at my daughter’s photos of her Venice honeymoon.  When “we girls” were together after the funeral we talked about “old times”, as we always do.  And, of course, the subject of Lisa and the wedding was raised.  She sometimes lay in her carry-cot at the “Girl’s Nights” we held in each other’s homes back then.  We still do, though the children are long grown.  I felt that I  needed to share these six words this week, and to share with them a couple of her beautiful photographs.

Lisa in Venice

Lisa in Venice

The Palazzo Ducale, covered in snow

The Palazzo Ducale, covered in snow

Did you ever see more beautiful rooftops?

Did you ever see more beautiful rooftops?

These masked revellers were beautiful in white too

These masked revellers were beautiful in white too

And how about pretty in pink?

And wasn’t this lady pretty in pink?

But, of course, it ends with Lisa

But, of course, it all comes back to Lisa

Life is short.  Love while you can.

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To the Manor born


Thrumpton Hall, just south of Nottingham, returned to it’s glory days last weekend, when my daughter Lisa married Leonardo Lopez Wain.  I should have known that there was a Byron connection.  A more romantic setting it would be hard to imagine.  And indeed, a former owner of the Hall, Frederick the 10th Baron Byron, was married to Lady Anna Fitzroy, sister of the 10th Duke of Grafton, and a direct descendant of King Charles II.

An engraving of Thrumpton Hall by Wencelas Hollar in the 1600s

An engraving of Thrumpton Hall by Wencelas Hollar, 1600s (Creative Commons)

The Cavaliers would have felt quite at home at last Saturday’s reception.  My daughter loves period costume and the wedding guests were invited to indulge in the same.  Many of her friends are role players and were delighted to partake.  As one of the guests remarked to me “I just love dressing up, don’t you?”  I had to confess that it was my first time, but that, yes, it did feel good.

I had already survived the drama of arriving at the wrong church just 15 minutes before the ceremony was due to begin, and a panic stricken scurry through country lanes to collapse into my seat a bare 5 minutes before the bride.  My reading from Song of Solomon was delivered with an impassioned throb in my voice and knocking knees as I struggled to find my place in the bible.  After that, everything felt good.

The Hall was magnificent.  We gathered in the library, around an open fire.  The books and the furniture were from a bygone age.  The reception rooms were lavish, and the Jacobean cantilevered staircase, carved in wood from the estate, an object of real beauty.  The guests mingled as good guests should.  The atmosphere was as warm as the fire.

All too soon it was over, and Lisa and Leo stepped briefly out of character to fly BA to their honeymoon in Venice.  Costumes donned again, they were off to Carnaval and a masked ball.  May they always be as happy as they are today.

To see the dress and bouquet in more detail, please visit my Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post : On going.  You can click on any of these individual photos to see them in gallery form.  Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.

Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post : On going


I’m sharing a little luck this week, in the Chinese year of the snake, courtesy of Jakesprinter.  The theme for his Sunday Post, On going, also gives me the long-awaited opportunity to share some rather special photos.  Nothing in my life is more “on going” than my love for my children.

Some of you will know that I’ve just returned from the wedding of my daughter Lisa to Leonardo, and that the guests were invited to wear historical costume.  Lisa designed and made her own costume, in totality; the coat and waistcoat Leo is wearing (over a 3 year period); the bridesmaids dresses (with help from Jema); the waistcoats of the grooms; flowers for the church, and buttonholes and bouquets.

With Jema she made and decorated the cake.  Each layer is a different flavour, progressing from lavender at the top, through Earl Grey and orange, white chocolate and almond, down to dark chocolate and cherry.  I was unbelievably proud of her efforts.

One of the best aspects of the wedding, for me, was to see her together with her brother, James.  There are 19 years between them in age, and many miles in distance, so they spend very little time in each other’s company.  My pride and joy at seeing them together on this very special occasion was immense.  Can anything be more on going than love for your children?

Thank you so much, Jake, for the opportunity to share this snippet of my daughter’s wedding.  And for the new logo to brighten up my posts.  I hope everyone will follow me to your Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post to admire your amazing graphics and read the other posts.

Click on any of my photos to see them in slide show, and the lucky snake or links to take you to Jake’s page.  Many thanks.

Six word Saturday

Not going to panic, just yet!

It’s fun to shop for a wedding outfit, isn’t it?  I keep repeating that to myself.

The following video features Jema Hewitt (aka Emily Ladybird), who will be my daughter’s matron of honour at her wedding in February, explaining just what is meant by Steampunk fashion.

I know- it stops short right at the point where you could look at some of Jema’s designs!  I’ll have to hunt down Friday’s edition of the show.

You see, I had in mind an Ossie Clark style, fitted, floor length frock, with tiny covered buttons, long close fitting sleeves, maybe in cream or a pastel.  Although I much admire my daughter’s style of dressing, I’m not sure that I can carry it off.

As Jema says, you can adapt it to yourself, but so far I’m not having much luck with the shopping.  Lisa has almost finished sewing her wedding gown, but then has a bridesmaid’s frock and waistcoats for the grooms to do, with Christmas looming.

I guess I just need you to wish me luck.  I don’t have any skills with the needle, and am online hunting for something suitable whenever I can.

Before I go this morning, I’d just like to send my very best wishes for a speedy recovery to Viv Blake.  I understand that she’s in hospital undergoing tests.  She’s too far away from me for a hospital visit, and will be sadly missed on this week’s Six word Saturday, so get well soon, Viv.  As always, grateful thanks to Cate at Show My Face for the opportunity to share my six words (and more).  Follow the links for details.