Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post : Unforgettable


Unforgettable, one of my all time favourite songs.  Isn’t it yours?  I don’t even have to mention Nat King Cole and it’s smouldering away in your head.  He certainly had that “unforgettable” quality.

Some of you know that I have just experienced one of the most unforgettable weekends of my life- the wedding of my daughter Lisa to Leonardo.  The honeymoon alone is worth a post, and I wasn’t even there!  But I will tell you that they had snow in Venice- a magical thought.  It swirled around the lagoon like a giant snowdome.  And the claxons sounded for Aqua Alta whilst they were at a masked ball.  The water rose and rose to the first floor of the hostess’ home in Ca D’Oro, and they had to remain till 4.30 in the morning when the level had dropped sufficiently to escape.  Never mind- the band and the opera singers played on, and the food was good.  I think that definitely comes in the category of “unforgettable”, but the memory isn’t mine to cherish.

Click on any of the photos to view them gallery style.

I’m pretty sure most of you will have unforgettable moments in your life, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.  Click on the lucky snake logo or the link to visit Jakesprinter with me.  Thanks Jake for being unforgettable yourself.


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