Bridging the Gap

Some posts just kind of lure you in!  You could do a Challenge post every day of the week and two on Sundays, if you had the time.  Mostly I look, admire, make a mental note, blink twice and the next Challenge is there before me.  Somehow I’ve completed all my chores with time to spare this weekend, and without further ado, I present Bridges, at the kind invitation of Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack.

The wonderful thing about bridges for me is that often they span my favourite element, water.  I love to lean over a bridge and gaze into the depths.  Sometimes they even create beautiful reflections as a bonus- two for the price of one.  Putting them side by side has taken longer than I expected, but now that I have, I’m taken with the contrast between my surly northern skies and the gentler images of Southern Europe.

Click on a photo to see them in gallery form.

Thanks, Ailsa.  I’ve enjoyed my Sunday leisure time.  Come bridge spotting with me over at Ailsa’s?


  1. I like looking at the challenges but spend far too long thinking about and working on mine that I could never hope to complete one a day and two on Sundays, or nothing else would get done.

    1. Exactly! Trouble is, it’s very easy to get lured in. Once I’ve taken part, I kind of feel obliged to take part the following week, and feel guilty if I can’t. But life just isn’t long enough, is it? Many thanks for joining me on here. I appreciate it.

    1. What a tussle I had with the Gallery, David. That’s about my 14th attempt! But it’s fun playing. I hardly dare recommend Porto to you- it’s colder up there than the Algarve (usually).

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