Bridging the Gap

Some posts just kind of lure you in!  You could do a Challenge post every day of the week and two on Sundays, if you had the time.  Mostly I look, admire, make a mental note, blink twice and the next Challenge is there before me.  Somehow I’ve completed all my chores with time to spare this weekend, and without further ado, I present Bridges, at the kind invitation of Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack.

The wonderful thing about bridges for me is that often they span my favourite element, water.  I love to lean over a bridge and gaze into the depths.  Sometimes they even create beautiful reflections as a bonus- two for the price of one.  Putting them side by side has taken longer than I expected, but now that I have, I’m taken with the contrast between my surly northern skies and the gentler images of Southern Europe.

Click on a photo to see them in gallery form.

Thanks, Ailsa.  I’ve enjoyed my Sunday leisure time.  Come bridge spotting with me over at Ailsa’s?


  1. I like looking at the challenges but spend far too long thinking about and working on mine that I could never hope to complete one a day and two on Sundays, or nothing else would get done.

    1. Exactly! Trouble is, it’s very easy to get lured in. Once I’ve taken part, I kind of feel obliged to take part the following week, and feel guilty if I can’t. But life just isn’t long enough, is it? Many thanks for joining me on here. I appreciate it.

    1. What a tussle I had with the Gallery, David. That’s about my 14th attempt! But it’s fun playing. I hardly dare recommend Porto to you- it’s colder up there than the Algarve (usually).

    1. I remember you “liking” it somewhere before, Gem. Trouble with challenges is it’s easier to reuse photos. Or at least, that’s what I thought when I was loading this post, but the further back I go through my media gallery, the slower WP gets, so some of them I had to reload anyway! I’ll get the hang of it one day. (not)

  2. Really interesting group of bridges. I agree about the challenges sucking you in. But what a good excuse to check through all your photos and find those that you had forgotten about

  3. From the Roman bridge at Cordoba, to the Millennium Bridge at Gateshead, and such beautiful humpy bridges in between – I’m so glad you posted your collection Jo – it’s been lovely to see them all. 🙂

  4. I can see you have crossed some bridges – wonderful gallery … I have a fetish for bridges as subject … same with windows and laundry on lines. Pont Romana is my favorite shot of this lovely bunch.

  5. wow! so many different kinds of bridges here. I especially like the old Roman bridge to Cordoba, por supuesto 😉 as well as the Infinity bridge and Millenium bridge. beautiful photos!!

    1. Thanks a lot. There were a few Florence shots in the challenge so I think you may have got confused. Sadly, I’ve never been there. You might have meant my sunset of Tavira in the Algarve. Thanks for your visit.

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