Six word Saturday

Not going to panic, just yet!

It’s fun to shop for a wedding outfit, isn’t it?  I keep repeating that to myself.

The following video features Jema Hewitt (aka Emily Ladybird), who will be my daughter’s matron of honour at her wedding in February, explaining just what is meant by Steampunk fashion.

I know- it stops short right at the point where you could look at some of Jema’s designs!  I’ll have to hunt down Friday’s edition of the show.

You see, I had in mind an Ossie Clark style, fitted, floor length frock, with tiny covered buttons, long close fitting sleeves, maybe in cream or a pastel.  Although I much admire my daughter’s style of dressing, I’m not sure that I can carry it off.

As Jema says, you can adapt it to yourself, but so far I’m not having much luck with the shopping.  Lisa has almost finished sewing her wedding gown, but then has a bridesmaid’s frock and waistcoats for the grooms to do, with Christmas looming.

I guess I just need you to wish me luck.  I don’t have any skills with the needle, and am online hunting for something suitable whenever I can.

Before I go this morning, I’d just like to send my very best wishes for a speedy recovery to Viv Blake.  I understand that she’s in hospital undergoing tests.  She’s too far away from me for a hospital visit, and will be sadly missed on this week’s Six word Saturday, so get well soon, Viv.  As always, grateful thanks to Cate at Show My Face for the opportunity to share my six words (and more).  Follow the links for details.


  1. Whatever your choice is, I bet it would be beautiful. Yes, it’s stressful but the rewards in the end will make you smile. Wishing you and your family all the wonderful blessings of the holidays.

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