Six word Saturday

Not going to panic, just yet!

It’s fun to shop for a wedding outfit, isn’t it?  I keep repeating that to myself.

The following video features Jema Hewitt (aka Emily Ladybird), who will be my daughter’s matron of honour at her wedding in February, explaining just what is meant by Steampunk fashion.

I know- it stops short right at the point where you could look at some of Jema’s designs!  I’ll have to hunt down Friday’s edition of the show.

You see, I had in mind an Ossie Clark style, fitted, floor length frock, with tiny covered buttons, long close fitting sleeves, maybe in cream or a pastel.  Although I much admire my daughter’s style of dressing, I’m not sure that I can carry it off.

As Jema says, you can adapt it to yourself, but so far I’m not having much luck with the shopping.  Lisa has almost finished sewing her wedding gown, but then has a bridesmaid’s frock and waistcoats for the grooms to do, with Christmas looming.

I guess I just need you to wish me luck.  I don’t have any skills with the needle, and am online hunting for something suitable whenever I can.

Before I go this morning, I’d just like to send my very best wishes for a speedy recovery to Viv Blake.  I understand that she’s in hospital undergoing tests.  She’s too far away from me for a hospital visit, and will be sadly missed on this week’s Six word Saturday, so get well soon, Viv.  As always, grateful thanks to Cate at Show My Face for the opportunity to share my six words (and more).  Follow the links for details.


  1. Whatever your choice is, I bet it would be beautiful. Yes, it’s stressful but the rewards in the end will make you smile. Wishing you and your family all the wonderful blessings of the holidays.

  2. Congratulations to Lisa and good luck with your outfit Jo. We had some Steampunks in Hastings in the summer and their costumes were so clever. Have fun and I hope to see the photos…

  3. Ah buying clothes for a family wedding is always stressful. Even when it is just yards of silk we have to wrry about 🙂 But I kind of miss all that stress, it IS fun on hindsight!

    1. The post was a nice opportunity to showcase Jema’s work. She does everything from jewellery to hats, to full costumes, to writing books about beading! Reminds me- I must hunt down the next part of the video.

  4. CONGRATS, JO! On your daughter’s upcoming nuptials! Never heard of Steampunk before, and I quite like it! Very stylish! Good luck with the selection! I’m sure when you look back you’ll laugh and thought it was fun!

  5. You will look delightful…and I hope you will enjoy every moment! Sorry to hear of Viv being ill. Glad her daughter said she is doing ok.
    Happy Saturday!


    1. Me too, Ad. I saw the perfect Christmas party frock as I was idly browsing the other day, but I saved my pennies knowing I’ll need them later. Who remembers what I wore ten years ago? Maybe it’s back in fashion.

  6. Stunning clothes – and I wish I were the type for dresses like that. Jema didn’t look right in her jacket – it looked like her head was set on her chest – no neck what so ever … not very good around the shoulder area … I can’t wait to see the results of the entire dress making in Febr. I really love the style of Victorian fashion … but I think that it’s not suitable for all of us. I really wish I was, but no swan neck on me. Thanks for the little video .. very interesting. Congratulations to your daughter by the way.

      1. I’m sure she are a very intersting woman – but it was only that she said that typ of clothing will suite everybody. And I really love the dresses hanging around her.

      2. If I thought she had time I’d ask her to take me in hand, and help me find my outfit. My daughter has the swan neck you envy, and wonderful curves too- not at all like me.

      3. Looking at you … you have curves!! I can’t wait to see the photos of your dresses – love everything about weddings, even if I never believed in marriage. Very cynical at times.
        Exciting time for you, girls now .. getting so close.
        Mother of the bird – I will never become neither *smile .. don’t have any kids.
        In other words an old cynical … lonely miserable woman without even a cat. *laughing.

  7. That looks like fun, so don’t panic, you’ll get there! 🙂
    I had trouble finding your blog; your comments on my blog (thanks!) don’t leave a link here, but luckily I found a link via a comment you had left with someone else. Maybe it has something to do with Blogger versus WordPress. Anyway, I finally found you 🙂

  8. Oh these are the moments of life that are so wonderful…enjoy every second of it…you’ll find the perfect one when you see it, and you’ll just know that’s it!

      1. I didn’t want to panic you…just thought you might find a lovely dress that wasn’t the style you were looking for but that the accessories would give you the look you were after.

  9. I did Mum’s Six-Word-Saturday for her via telephone and she is fine – we had a good laugh on the phone!

    My wedding dress was a little black number and a jacket bought the day before I got married. We only told family so I had to wait for some family to arrive to get advice. I did have something in reserve if the worst came to the worst. I actually bought one dress and then found a better one in M&S – my step sister ended up liking the original so I didn’t have to take it back. If I lost a little weight I could still wear it. I still wear the jacket very occasionally for job interviews.

    1. Thanks for this, Sally. Funnily enough, I’ve just been over to post on TheHutts.
      Lisa just wants her guests to feel comfortable, but most of her friends take part in reenactments and I would love to wear something period. Leo’s mum is sewing her own Regency outfit. No pressure!

  10. Lets do the maths – dress shopping = stressful, wedding dress shopping = double stressful, steampunk themed dress shopping = triple stressful, yeah not envying you at the moment.
    But you know that everything will work out in the end and you’ll go to a lovely wedding and have an amazing time – you know that don’t you 🙂

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