Of its kind

The message last Monday was much stronger, but still, I love the lighthouse at Vila Real de Santo Antonio and, living where I do, so close to the salt marsh habitat of the Ria Formosa, I always have a soft spot for a flamingo. Croquet with the Queen of Hearts, anyone?


Monday Mural

Six word Saturday

What kind of clouds are these?

Gentle ones, of course! As we edge through October we might even gather a few rain clouds. That would be very kind because the land is parched. Becky is encouraging us to be kind this month, and if you can find Six Words today, Debbie will welcome you too! Have a happy Saturday!







A photo walk to the beach

A walk to the beach from where I live always involves crossing water, so I’m starting from the bridge at Barril. We have to cross the Ria Formosa to the barrier island of Tavira. In the distance, Santa Luzia, a haven of tranquility at this time of year, a warm day in early October. You always have the option to hop on the steam train, or you can do as I usually do and cross the causeway on foot.

You’ll have to use your imagination here. Think scurrying crabs and scented pines, and a soft blue sky overhead. It takes 15 minutes or so to make the crossing, and you can be sure the train will chug past you at some point. Be friendly and wave!

The main fascination with this beach is the Anchor Graveyard, and I’ve brought you here many times. Each time I’m captivated by the beauty and pathos of these anchors as they cling to their home on the dunes. Each time, a little more rust. Each time, another gaping hole in the metal. How long, I wonder, till they crumble to dust?

But let’s not be downhearted. The beach stretches far in either direction, and I wander idly, listening to the ssshush of the waves. At my feet, a cornucopia of shells. Sometimes I gather a handful, confident that the sea will replace them, but today I simply stoop and take an image or two.

The tide is low today and I’m fascinated by the swirls and grooves in the sand. Leaping children and mermaids tails. What can you see?

Always the glint of sunshine on the water holds me in its spell. I hope you felt the warmth. I’m answering Amy’s invitation to share a Photo Walk this week, but you may have noticed a plethora of squares for Becky. Kinda beautiful!