1. Flight restrictions/compulsory self isolating and limit on gatherings to 4/6 people will make it extremely difficult for many to enjoy Christmas in the UK, Janet, and even here in Portugal things are being scaled back (which is fine by me).


      1. I didn’t know about the 4/6 person gatherings. That includes families? We’re taking precautions. Our younger daughter will fly to southern California where our older daughter and husband live and then have a Covid test. If that’s negative, I’ll drive out, pick her up, and bring her back here until a few days after Christmas. Older daughter and husband will drive (after being tested.) Sister-in-law from Ohio? Not sure what her plans are but they’re always last-minute. Any gathering with my parents will be done with everyone distancing. Thankfully we have the space to do that with this small number of people.


      1. Jacksonville is the city of bridges. The St. Johns River flow right through downtown. There are lots of docks and boats and sunsets. If I want to get a great shot, I have to drive about 10 minutes or so to get to a good location. 🙂

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  1. We get those lovely colours here too at the moment, but not over the sea from our house. Looks so tranquil. I could happily sit in a bar on the terrace with a good glass of wine watching that sun setting. Thanks Jo 😊


    1. Took this at our Cool Manouche jazz night. I am seldom in Olhão at sunset but Becky was. Same colours obviously from our roof, but rooftops are not so pretty. If I have time to go to Quatro Aguas for a sunset that could be a stunner, but time is scarce this week. 😘💕💕


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