Six Word Saturday

Would some kind person paint me?

Just one more aspect of Ponte Romana, Tavira but, you have to admit, those railings need a coat of paint. Join in with Becky’s October challenge, or you could be ingenious with Debbie? Happy Saturday!


Six Word Saturday



      1. Replaced the old Military Bridge cos it had holes in! Small replica of the flyover 😦 We’re fine but back to restricted numbers over here so no t’ai chi. Still walking valiantly and eating cake πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


      2. Ahh I’ve had cake with a friend today, but generally not going very far as we’ve had a bit of an outbreak because of the uni, that’s just a mile away.


      1. No, I’m viewing on my phone, and it looks OK to me. Isn’t it interesting how we see things differently? I do like old things though, so weathered and faded have a certain pull…


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