Six word Saturday


What else we did at Easter


Phone a friend, of course!  One of the lovely aspects of this Easter was that Lisa was able to renew a friendship from her very earliest years.

This exquisitely folded book, made by Joanne, is a lasting memento of their meeting.  It fits so well in Lisa’s beautiful, artistic home, with her hand-painted flowers and birds.  There’s always a project at Lisa’s, and after our visit to Butterfly World, she asked for some photos to begin another. That evening we dragged out old photo albums from school days and giggled over the pigtails and pinafore frocks.

The weekend weather was a little unpredictable, and Sunday brought a good soaking in the park, complete with hail stones.  On Monday we opted to spend time in the Museum of Hartlepool, safe from the elements, before a swift stride along the seafront.

Tuesday saw the lovely lady heading home, and me bereft, for a while.  But I have so much joy to look back on.  How about you?

You can join me at Six Word Saturday, if you like.  If not, I’ll see you on Monday, for a rather unusual, industrial walk.


Six word Saturday

6ws-participating-in-bannerSummertime…. and the livin’ is easy

For Meg, who finds pansies bland

For Meg, who finds pansies cranky!

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And for Paula, wishing her peace

And for Paula- who’s sometimes special

My gallery this morning is to say a big thank you to all of you who keep appearing in my Comments, whether it rains or shines. And also to apologise to the many others who sit patiently in my Inbox, awaiting a turn. Blame it on the Summer or Wimbledon, I’m not sure which, but I just can’t manage to keep up at the minute.  Hoping normal service will be resumed at close of play.

As I walked through the park this morning it struck me that flowers are, for me, so often a symbol of friendship, and so I’m adding this post to the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Why not?

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday for a walk.  After you visit Cate, to share your six words.


Six word Saturday


Saying goodbye to a dear friend

My lovely friend, Christine

My lovely friend, Christine

Many times I have used Six word Saturday to convey a message.  My ‘six words’ are often smiled at indulgently.  Poetic license, I call it!  This week, there have been more tears than smiles.  The image of Christine smiling among the lotus plants is one that I hope to remember (and thanks Madhu for reminding me).

The news of her sudden death has reverberated across the blogging world, and made us reach out to one another and ‘hold hands’. It’s a lovely legacy, isn’t it?

I wanted to share with you Stuart’s comment on my tribute to Christine earlier this week.


This is Stuart.

One day I may be able to tell all about our last amazing day.
I have just spoken with one of our beautiful yoga friends and blasted her with all the details. She said ‘That was a conscious death’.
I can’t quite grasp that yet but maybe someday.

The funeral is next Wednesday at 11 30 our time (at Broulee Chapel and Crematorium).
I have got a plain casket that I am going to paint with red lotuses.

Thank you her beloved blogging friends.
Maybe there is some way we can include you.
One of our clever sons will know.

Toby (middle son) has researched how you can get access to the book which has the first 4 months of her blog in it. She spent a month redoing all the images and text. it is pretty special.
It will appear either on her blog or facebook or both I think.

Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, and heartfelt messages.
It really really helps
Love to you all


What a lovely family they are, aren’t they?  I had hoped to be online and thinking about Christine at the time of the funeral.  Sadly I miscalculated the time and it will be 2.30 Wednesday morning in the UK, so that may not be feasible.

Have a beautiful weekend, my friends.  I will be spending time with all of you.  And Cate, of course, at Show My Face.



Six word Saturday


In the blink of an eye!

I haven’t been very mobile this week- a combination of injured foot and the dreariest of weather.  So there was real joy in my stride as I set off, on a glorious sunny morning, to meet an old friend in Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Normally we bundle into the nearest coffee shop and just talk, but it was much too lovely to be indoors.  I suggested we walk down to The Quay and the vibrant riverside.  We arrived just as the siren was sounding at The Eye, otherwise known as the Gateshead Millenium Bridge.  At midday the bridge tilts open, or blinks.  What a wonderful sight!

Click on a photo to see the bridge in action.

We sat outside The Pitcher and Piano with a perfect view, but some of the time we barely noticed it.  The important thing was our friendship and just being there together.

You all know that I love a good walk, but I’ve never mastered the art of bicycling.  Someone who has is The Cycling Scot.  Colin is a gifted travel writer with a great fondness for cake.  He’s written some great stuff over the years but his blog is fairly new.  I’m sure he’d appreciate a few visitors, so please do say hello.  He recently received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, which he has kindly passed on.

As usual, I’ve far exceeded my six words.  Perhaps I really should abandon this challenge.  Next Saturday I won’t be here as I’ll  be visiting my lovely daughter in Nottingham.  Thanks Cate, for all your tolerance, and for being my hostess at Show My Face.


Six word Saturday


Happy Easter from a generous friend


I “won” this beautiful floral arrangement as a raffle prize at my friend Kath’s house on Thursday.  Traditionally we have a Girl’s night at her home in Newcastle just before Christmas, but last year we had to defer, and it became an Easter celebration.  As if to make up for lost time, Kath pulled out all the stops and threw her heart and soul into the evening.

The mantelpiece was adorned with woolly lambs and fluffy bunnies, and giant pastel Ikea eggs, which rattle mysteriously, have accompanied us home as an Easter “surprise”.  There was Pimms in a punch bowl of fruit and mint, and heaps of the most delicious food and drink.  Kath was aided and abetted in the kitchen by partner, Trevor, and I musn’t forget the star turn- Koffee, their large chocolate brown poodle, who delights in raiding handbags.


My own home is less flamboyantly decorated, but the hearth has a splash of Easter colour, and the mantlepiece a card or two from my Polish family.

Just a few more hellebores, in retreat from our chilly garden

Just a few more hellebores, in retreat from our chilly garden


Easter blessings from Poland


Hope you will all have a blessed and peaceful Easter, surrounded by family and wonderful friends like these.  Thank you so much, Kath.  You made it very special.

Joyce, me, Janice, Mary, Mamie, Kath and Joan

Joyce, me, Janice, Mary, Mamie, Kath and Joan (that’s my floral arrangement!)

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