Six word Saturday


Happy Easter from a generous friend


I “won” this beautiful floral arrangement as a raffle prize at my friend Kath’s house on Thursday.  Traditionally we have a Girl’s night at her home in Newcastle just before Christmas, but last year we had to defer, and it became an Easter celebration.  As if to make up for lost time, Kath pulled out all the stops and threw her heart and soul into the evening.

The mantelpiece was adorned with woolly lambs and fluffy bunnies, and giant pastel Ikea eggs, which rattle mysteriously, have accompanied us home as an Easter “surprise”.  There was Pimms in a punch bowl of fruit and mint, and heaps of the most delicious food and drink.  Kath was aided and abetted in the kitchen by partner, Trevor, and I musn’t forget the star turn- Koffee, their large chocolate brown poodle, who delights in raiding handbags.


My own home is less flamboyantly decorated, but the hearth has a splash of Easter colour, and the mantlepiece a card or two from my Polish family.

Just a few more hellebores, in retreat from our chilly garden

Just a few more hellebores, in retreat from our chilly garden


Easter blessings from Poland


Hope you will all have a blessed and peaceful Easter, surrounded by family and wonderful friends like these.  Thank you so much, Kath.  You made it very special.

Joyce, me, Janice, Mary, Mamie, Kath and Joan

Joyce, me, Janice, Mary, Mamie, Kath and Joan (that’s my floral arrangement!)

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  1. A pretty and fun evening with the girls – that is something very special. The hellebores so beautiful in those dark shades. Hope you Easter was sunny and a little festival.

    1. Thank you! I thought I’d rushed around the blog world “happy eastering” everyone, but I must have missed you, Madhu? Hope you had a restful time or were you cooking for family? (like me)

      1. Was with the grandkids. Off again this weekend for a memorial ceremony for R’s uncle. This constant shuttling is rather exhausting. Am looking forward to staying put even while this furnace begins to heat up 🙂

    1. Yes. I should feel truly blessed this Easter morning, Smidge. And you are absolutely one of life’s blessings. I know that you will make your Easter wonderful too.

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