Six word Saturday

Star light, star bright, first star…

I see tonight.  I wish I may, I wish I might…”  Cheating on many fronts to bring you the New Year fireworks from Tavira -the first lights of the year 🙂 and join in with January Light and Six Word Saturday.  Have a happy weekend!



Fizz!  Bang!  Whoop-whoop-whoop!  I know they’re a dreadful waste of money, but I can’t help the excitement I feel whenever I see fireworks.  The child in me claps it’s hands, and beams at the sky.

When my Polish family invited me to Norfolk to join their New Year celebrations, I knew there would be dancing, vodka- of course!- kissing, and more food than I could reasonably be expected to eat in a week.  I wasn’t disappointed on any of these counts, but the promise of fireworks at Cromer on New Year’s Day was the icing on the cake. (and yes, there was plenty of that, too).

Impatiently, we waited for the lights to dim and the show to start, gazing across the water for signs of activity on the pier.

And then, finally, the count down.  5-4-3-2-1- whooppee!

Impossible to replicate the sounds, the colours and the pure joy.  This week Paula has asked us to Pick a Word in Thursday’s Special.  I’ve picked an easy word, Festive, to stave off the January blues.

Six word Saturday


Saving the best till the last?


Most of you will know that I had the most amazing time at Bristol Hot Air Balloon Festival last weekend.  I shared my best photos in The time of my life but I did want to give you a little flavour of the spectacular Nightglow and fireworks that ended the show.

My little digital really wasn’t up to the task but to my surprise my smartphone was capable, despite the wobbly, excited hands of the photographer.  Trouble is, I haven’t found a way to upload it to share with you.  Well, there’s always a way, isn’t there, so I spent some time this morning searching through YouTube.  I don’t think that this video fully captures the electric atmosphere, but maybe that was just me getting over excited.  It starts slowly and is quite long, so I would suggest you fast forward and watch snippets.  You do get to see the fireworks at the end, though, which is more than I managed.  I was taking a long walk home!  Hopefully next time I’ll be a little wiser. Still I was lucky- the event was so popular that some people were stuck in traffic and didn’t even make it.

It just remains for me to say ‘thank you Bristol’ and hope to see you again.

Have a great Saturday and don’t forget to visit Cate with your six words.


Weekly photo challenge : My 2012 in pictures

Last year when the Wordpress stats wizards compiled a review of my year, I hadn’t been blogging long and was clueless.  I was ecstatic to watch the fireworks, and share them in my little blogging world.  A year on, I’m still clueless, but I guess it’s time I took a little responsibility.  So here’s my first shot at the Weekly photo challenge- a hodge-podge of my year!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How was yours?  It’s amazing what you can fit in, when you look back.

There are hundreds of participants in this challenge, so click here to see all the goodies.

It just remains to wish you “all you wish yourselves”.  Thanks for being there.  My life would be so much emptier without you.  Happy and peaceful times to all of you in 2013.


Six word Saturday

Firework Display or Strictly Come Dancing?

Fireworks over Hartlepool Headland- courtesy of Tony Dowson

Beautiful aren’t they?

I can almost hear the “ooh”s and “aah”s

I was born on Guy Fawkes Day, so fireworks on Bonfire Night always seem like a personal celebration for me.  I’m like a big kid when I hear the “whoosh” and “zip, zip, zzzip”.  But I hate the cold.  Our town firework display takes place on the seafront, and as parking is always an issue, involves an invigorating walk beside the sea to get there.  The lights of the boats twinkle far out on the water and on a sharp frosty night the stars are needle bright.  Romantic, but cold!

So usually I wrap up warm, and we make the bracing walk, then come home smelling of smoke.  This year I’m not sure if I want to.  The Winter seems to have come around too fast, and I’m just a little sad.

Inimitable compere, Brucie, with dazzling Tess Daly

Flavia’s flying!

Temptation beckons in the form of “Strictly Come Dancing”.  I love the show with a passion and have done since its beginnings.  I even watch the fanzine every night!  For a whole half hour the laptop is switched off (well, sometimes) as I watch the dance sequences over again.

The past few years we’ve recorded the show while we’ve gone to the fireworks, then there’s something to look forward to when the “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” stops.  Shall we do that again this year?  I’ll have to wait and see.

None of the images are my own this week.  My very talented stepbrother, Tony Dowson, is a professional photographer and took the fireworks shots when the Tall Ships came to Hartlepool in 2010. (what an occasion that was!)  The others are borrowed from Strictly.

Are you joining in with Cate’s challenge?  The details are all in Show My Face, or you can simply click on the header.  Have a happy and safe Bonfire Night, and wrap up warm.