Six word Saturday


Saving the best till the last?


Most of you will know that I had the most amazing time at Bristol Hot Air Balloon Festival last weekend.  I shared my best photos in The time of my life but I did want to give you a little flavour of the spectacular Nightglow and fireworks that ended the show.

My little digital really wasn’t up to the task but to my surprise my smartphone was capable, despite the wobbly, excited hands of the photographer.  Trouble is, I haven’t found a way to upload it to share with you.  Well, there’s always a way, isn’t there, so I spent some time this morning searching through YouTube.  I don’t think that this video fully captures the electric atmosphere, but maybe that was just me getting over excited.  It starts slowly and is quite long, so I would suggest you fast forward and watch snippets.  You do get to see the fireworks at the end, though, which is more than I managed.  I was taking a long walk home!  Hopefully next time I’ll be a little wiser. Still I was lucky- the event was so popular that some people were stuck in traffic and didn’t even make it.

It just remains for me to say ‘thank you Bristol’ and hope to see you again.

Have a great Saturday and don’t forget to visit Cate with your six words.



  1. Hi Johanna,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, sights and walks with us!
    I actually have a question about your Six Word Saturday. I love the idea and would like to use it on my blog, too. I might switch from Saturday to Sunday once in a while 😉 Can I just do it or is there a problem with copyrights? Do I have to join Cate’s blog for that. Thanks for a feedback!


    1. No copyright issues that I know of, but it is courteous to link to Cate and guarantees you a certain level of support from the regular six-worders. Maybe you could start a 6 0r 7 word Sunday?
      Thanks for your company. 🙂


  2. I watched a little, fast forwarded so I got to see some of the Nightglow and then the fireworks at the end. What a thrill for you Jo! How wonderful that you were right there! As far as your video on your phone, I had the same trouble with my video of my hedgehog. Daughter managed to convert it to a Youtube clip so that I could import it on my blog, but I have absolutely no idea how she did it! I wasted an entire morning trying to figure it out and she did it in 5 minutes 😀 If you need help, let me know and I’ll ask her how she did it 🙂


      1. No worries. If it hadn’t been for that darn cute hedgehog I wouldn’t have bothered either! The things we do anyway, ha! Big hugs back to you dear Jo 🙂 xxx

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  3. It’s hard to believe that this bridge was built back in 1864, it has such a modern look about it. Someone back then was very forward thinking and I’m thankful they thought to build this glorious structure taking advantage of the equally glorious views. Happy you crossed over, Jo, I was with you every step of the way!!


  4. Just magical, what a fab video you found ….. next year will I be there, couldn’t make this visit … for the NightGlow and I hope the weather will be on mine and the festival’s side. I’m so happy over my balloon morning. I join you in – Thank you, Bristol …. but I will be back for sure. *smile


    1. Hi sweetheart 🙂 Good old YouTube! 🙂 I was glad I went for Thursday evening because Saturday evening would have been a whole different ball game. I might still be walking 🙂 Sunday evening hugs, Vivi! I’d better get on with my walk! 🙂


  5. I’ve filmed and put them on YouTube, Jo. You need Movie Maker on your computer and YouTube automatically corrects the shaking as well 🙂
    I love the video you found and they way the balloons seem to ‘light up’ in the dark! It’s funny watching everyone with their smartphones – what amazing technology we have nowdays! 😀


    1. I tend to forget about YouTube but it does a great job, doesn’t it, Dianne? Thanks for the advice. I don’t see myself as much of a movie maker but you just never know. 🙂


    1. 🙂 🙂 Must be a Bristol walk this week, but which one? I went to sign up for a guided city walk and it was cancelled due to the volume of people in the city for the balloons! I took a boat ride instead 🙂 I did do rather a lot of walking under my own steam though. Best go look at my photos.


  6. What a marvellous experience.

    I use Vimeo to upload videos to my blog. Create a Vimeo account, upload your video. Then, when creating a new post, click on insert url in the media library, paste the link to your video and hey presto there it will be!


    1. Thanks for that 🙂 I don’t normally have problems uploading from my camera so I was a bit surprised that my gallery uploaded but not the video from my phone. I very seldom take videos but I’ll give this a try out of curiosity. 🙂

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