Guest Challenge: Restoration

Today is my Dad’s 87th birthday and he’s off to Windsor on the coach. You might wonder where I get my restless tendencies, but I have a pretty good idea. He’s slowing up a little these days! I’d like to wish him a Happy Birthday and a happy year ahead. I’d also like to thank Paula for her hard work on behalf of this ‘Lady of the Manor’.

Lost in Translation


Restless Jo:

Last August I made an unplanned visit to Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland.  I was in the area, visiting St. Mary’s Lighthouse at Whitley Bay.  I knew of the gardens at the Hall, but nothing of the house, so when I saw on the signpost that it was barely 2 miles away, curiosity won.  The huge shell of a house that I found astounded me.

It was, by and large, shrouded in scaffolding, and entry looked improbable, if not a little uninviting.  Still, the National Trust signboard proclaimed that it was open.  Entry was via the gardens at the rear of the house and there was an hour till closing time.  Clouds were gathering overhead, so into the garden I went.

There is topiary, parterres, a rose garden, fountains, pools and statues within the 3 acres of this garden.  Anyone who loves gardens will find something here…

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Weekly photo challenge : My 2012 in pictures

Last year when the Wordpress stats wizards compiled a review of my year, I hadn’t been blogging long and was clueless.  I was ecstatic to watch the fireworks, and share them in my little blogging world.  A year on, I’m still clueless, but I guess it’s time I took a little responsibility.  So here’s my first shot at the Weekly photo challenge- a hodge-podge of my year!

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How was yours?  It’s amazing what you can fit in, when you look back.

There are hundreds of participants in this challenge, so click here to see all the goodies.

It just remains to wish you “all you wish yourselves”.  Thanks for being there.  My life would be so much emptier without you.  Happy and peaceful times to all of you in 2013.