Fizz!  Bang!  Whoop-whoop-whoop!  I know they’re a dreadful waste of money, but I can’t help the excitement I feel whenever I see fireworks.  The child in me claps it’s hands, and beams at the sky.

When my Polish family invited me to Norfolk to join their New Year celebrations, I knew there would be dancing, vodka- of course!- kissing, and more food than I could reasonably be expected to eat in a week.  I wasn’t disappointed on any of these counts, but the promise of fireworks at Cromer on New Year’s Day was the icing on the cake. (and yes, there was plenty of that, too).

Impatiently, we waited for the lights to dim and the show to start, gazing across the water for signs of activity on the pier.

And then, finally, the count down.  5-4-3-2-1- whooppee!

Impossible to replicate the sounds, the colours and the pure joy.  This week Paula has asked us to Pick a Word in Thursday’s Special.  I’ve picked an easy word, Festive, to stave off the January blues.


  1. Perfect word for the occasion, Jo! I’m glad you had a wonderful and tasty holiday season. And, your night shots came out really well. I never succeed at night with my camera…


    1. The Polish family know how to enjoy themselves, Liesbet. I don’t know when I last hugged and kissed so many people. 🙂 🙂 Thanks, hon! Hope all’s good with you?


      1. Not great. Full-time taking care of my in-laws, after a health emergency with my mother-in-law, back in icy New England… A lot of work and a lot to figure out. Lots of blogs to catch up on, reading and writing as well… one of these days. 🙂


      2. Sorry to hear that Liesbet. You just never know when something like that will overtake you. I hope she’s well again soon and you can get back on track xx


      1. We have to keep Septimus in and close the curtains, and then he is fine . . . my main bugbear is not so much the organised ones but the random ones that go off in neighbours back gardens. Just wish they’d give notice.

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  2. I’ve never managed to take a decent fireworks photo so well done, I’m jealous. I love the pier shots as well, what a pretty place. I bet you had a fabby time and even M must have thought it was worth the drive. Happy Sunday sweetheart x:-)x


    1. It’s a lovely little town, Gilly, and it was looking pretty in all it’s Christmas finery. 🙂 🙂 It was quite funny because Mick and my cousin Jarek had ‘fallen out’ over Brexit so weren’t really talkiing to each other at the fireworks. Apart from that he really did have a great weekend. 🙂 And thanks- post process helps.

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      1. oh dear!! Must admit I am very very wary around Brexit discussions these days as you never quite know where people are, so like Gilly I keep my lips sealed, well I try – I do find it very difficult to do that as most of the time I am right!!!!! 😉


  3. Yeah!! 😀 Fireworks are so thrilling in real life and so happy you got a chance to see them in Cromer. Your time at your Polish relatives sounds fantastic – a brilliant New Years celebration.


  4. There was never any doubt that you’d celebrate well with the Polish mob. Fireworks were a bonus.and of course there was icing on many cakes, if I know anything about a Polish meal. Your photos are great. No fireworks around us, for which the dogs were extremely grateful. Just been for an ocean immerse: I can still feel the delicious body chill. I only lolled for a few minutes, surrounded by rippling tesselations. Have a few with your hugs!


  5. I’m unashamed about my love for fireworks and enjoy them whenever possible. There are plenty of other places cities/governments can cut back, but sometimes we need togetherness and beauty. Here in the States, not every place has them anymore, but our city does and people come from other cities to watch as well.



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