Six Word Saturday


Not easy to find in Seaham?


You’d think that a bleak north eastern beach would be a good place to find a little Solitude, wouldn’t you?  Strangely enough, that isn’t the case. This particular beach has become a mecca for sea glass hunters and gatherers.   img_6644

You could hide out in the caves with a fair chance of solitude, but they’re not very safe. Erosion has created some fascinating shapes, though.



So your best bet is to head as far down the beach as you can go, without getting your feet wet, that is.  Even there, a far from home Devon artist was determinedly hunting through the pebbles, looking for sea glass.


This is the lure, at the end of the beach.  A solitary and beautiful rock, leaning out to sea. Seeking its own solitude.


There’s always a way to find solitude, if you crave it.  For me, it’s an essential part of life.  A bit like the Weekly Photo Challenge.

I hope this weekend brings you whatever you require.  Cate usually requires six words on a Saturday, but often she gets more.



  1. Solitude in nature is especially nice. Beautiful photos. I wish we had blue skies. It’s been all clouds and rain this past week.

  2. Good to make the most of days like that Jo … although a crick in the neck is a distinct possibilty after hunting for treasures head and eyes down !
    Lovely it’s so close and a regular haunt for you 🙂 Gorgeous !

    1. We make a good twosome, Poppy. Mick has his eyes on the sea glass and I just follow my camera. When he finds a deserving artist he just hands his loot over. 🙂 🙂 Good weekend?

  3. Beautiful photos, Jo. I saw several pebbles that I would like to take home with me… 😉
    Have a wonderful day. (You must be living at the most wonderful place on earth!)

    1. It does sometimes seem that way, Helen, though less so on a grey day. 🙂 Just come back from a lovely walk on our local beach. Life’s hard, but someone’s gotta do it! Thanks, darlin!

  4. Such peace and solitude in these photo, Jo – alas, not in real life! Glad you found a spot for quiet reflection in the end. As for the sea glass, I have to ask, why is it so popular? What is it exactly? The glass washed up on shore or something else? Is it used for art work?

    1. Hi Annika 🙂 We started to collect it for a stained glass project at Lumiere in Durham in 2015. You might remember it- a glittering wave? Before that I wasn’t really aware of it myself, but it has become very popular with jewellers and people who make souvenirs and arty things. It is basically very old glass bottles (from clifftop glass factories that no longer exist) that have been churned in the sea for many years. I love the drama of that beach but it’s amazing how many people were walking along with their heads down. 🙂

  5. Some cracking photos there Jo. We saw the sun yesterday, but it’s always good to have a nice day at the beach. I remember ages and ages ago, you commented on one of my cornwall posts to say something like “nice beach, but not as nice as ours in Northumberland”. I thought you were crazy, but now I understand what you meant!

      1. Things are good! I’m heading to Lorne today for a conference for a few days. Lorne is the beach and has some rock formations like these, am hoping I can get to those!

  6. I don’t think you EVER stick to 6 words Jo 😉
    Lovely beach photos, even the north sea looks good with a blue sky, though that beach does look a little tricky with all the rocks and pebbles. One to watch where you tread I suspect. Still a bit too wet and windy for any beach walking this weekend, but I am getting excited about a snowdrop walk soon…

      1. Yes, I am at home. The weather is cool and overcast, so not too favourable for an outing, plus there’s the Superbowl tomorrow.

  7. Beautiful images and words, Jo. And blue skies. 🙂 Solitude is precious, but hard to find in some of our crowded countries. And in our tumultuous minds. 🙂

  8. There is indeed always a way to find solitude. Such magnanimous and beautiful pictures 🙂 I love how they bring forth the beauty and enormity of it all 🙂 best wishes.

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