Jo’s Monday walk : Legends of Marim


I’m turning the tables on Becky this morning and putting my own slant on one of her walks. Exploring the delightful Legends Way will supply all the details you need, so I can quite simply enjoy myself.

The Algarve abounds in legends.  In Olhão they have been brought to life in sculpture.  The stories are a little naive, but no less lovable for that. Alina and Abdala, above, are star-crossed lovers in the traditional sense, and I love the way that her hair flows around him.


I started my wanderings (with Becky, I might add, but more of that later) at the beginning of Caminho das Lendas, or Legend’s Way.  I paid due attention to the maps but, inevitably, then followed my nose.  The little chap above was one of my favourites.  So poised and graceful in the way that young boys have, with a ball at their feet.

Beware who you invite into your game though.  He might just bewitch and spirit you away!  It’s such a ‘lived in’ looking place, Olhão!  The ravages of time have certainly got to some of it but you could be kind and describe it as full of character.

I really don’t much care for the Boy with Big Black Eyes, so I couldn’t resist having a little fun with him.  I thought I looked my best all wobbly, but he doesn’t look very amused, does he? Distinctly bad-tempered, in fact!

The next character struck me as rather sorrowful, but who wouldn’t be, if swallowed by a whale? The wonder of it is that Arraul survived!  But I’m glad that he did as he allegedly created the sand barriers that protect the Algarve to this day.

There’s one other character you ought to meet, but I was feeling rather wilful and the boats moored in the marina were demanding my attention.


Bom Sucesso, the caravel that sailed the Atlantic to Brazil, always draws my admiration.  I usually meet Becky close by here, her husband Robert having cast a discerning eye over the day’s catch in the fish market.  Both are lovers of fish and they had a treat in store for me.  I’d been hearing about Vai e Volta and was keen to try out this ‘all you can eat’ fish restaurant.

For just 10 euros, the fish kept on arriving!  I sampled salmon, sea bass, sardines, and tuna among others.  It all depends what the boats bring in that day.  In addition there was delicious cornbread, salad, potatoes and a tasty dip.  What more can you want?  Simply amazing for the price!  And don’t forget to ask for the sweet menu, especially if you like carobs and figs.  I would show you, but I was so full that I was sharing mine with the other half.  I daren’t stop to take the photo, else it disappeared!  I’ve given you the link to their Facebook page to help you find your way there.  Not everybody is lucky enough to go with Becky!

I almost forgot to mention Floripes, a voluptuous lady in white who was stranded far from her Moorish home.

That’s it for legends, and back to boats!  I never can resist them for very long.

The sun was starting to set and it was time to leave.  In writing this I had cause to look back at O is for Olhão and remember what a very interesting maritime history this Eastern Algarve town has.  It’s well worth a visit.


Legend of Marim

Lovers entwined in metal

Lost to the river

Feeling quite poetic.  Must be time to put that kettle on and read a few posts!

Thank you so much for keeping me company on my rambles.  It is very much appreciated.  I’d love you to join me with a walk of your own and it’s very easy to do so.  Details are on my Jo’s Monday walk page.  Please find some time to visit these walks.  You won’t regret it!


I’m always thrilled when a great photographer joins my walks!  Thank you, Tobias!


That bit of blue makes all the difference, and it’s beautiful where Eunice lives :

A walk up to Crow Castle

Lady Lee keeps on coming up with places on my list of dream destinations :

Ten Things in Sicily

A friendly chat in Dollar and a money mushroom.  That’s what I call value, Anabel :

Dollar Glen

What’s that about diamonds and best friends?  Sadly, Woolly can’t afford these!


Jackie doesn’t think money matters in Vegas.  It costs nothing to look, after all!

Trippin’ the Light Fantastic

On the other hand, safaris don’t come cheap.  But just look at what Geoff got for his money!

A Time in Africa- Part two

It’s always an artistic look at life with Jesh :


People will keep showing me fabulous places I’ve never been!  Thanks, BiTi  🙂

A visit to Beziers

Part of Hanna’s personal history, I loved this walk with her :

Vikings, The Sea Stallion from Glendalough and Roskilde Cathedral

My friend Drake knows a thing or two about Vikings, past and present :

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I always like to share pretty places, and Rosemay seldom lets me down :

Strolling Round the streets of Potsdam

Splendid isolation with Paula, another very special photographer :

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And just in case you didn’t follow the link earlier on, here’s lovely Becky!

On the other side of the river

I think I’ll be back to grey skies and an English walk next week.  You’ve been warned!  Have yourselves a great week.



  1. Great variety of statues, Jo – I do like Arrul and just as well he survived to save the coast! Lovely photos of the boats especially the last one as the sun is setting – so dreamy.

  2. Jo I loved this walk. I could imagine me crawling about taking photos from so many angles of these fascinating art pieces. The flowing skirt really intrigues me. Hope the two of you are doing well . Always a pleasure to see where you are walking.
    On a different planet here I was tromping through knee deep snow at the river today in -25C temperatures following a three day snowstorm. 🙂

    1. Oh, Sue, you have my heartfelt sympathy! Here I sit, rolling my eyes at just a little hint of rain this morning. 😦 February often surprises us with a flurry of snow but that is going a little too far! Planet Canada really isn’t calling to me right now 🙂 Sending the warmest hugs I can find!

  3. It looks like a place to put on my list next time Jo , apart from that super dooper sea food extravaganza it looks very interesting and picturesque 🙂

    1. It’s definitely a quirky, interesting sort of place, Poppy. Verging on the grungy in some places 😦 You might remember I did a graffiti post there quite a while ago? They’re fun too 🙂

  4. This is great of course, I love the blue door. The silhouette boys look 3D, I assume they aren’t? My favourite is Floripes by far, she’s stunning. So you have to spend time in the belly of a whale to get hair like Arraul’s, I think I’ll put up with what I’ve got! Hugs darling 🙂

  5. this walk was refreshing. The legends – the selfie – the art – the patina on those walls – and Olhão looks super interesting – now I am going to check out becky’s link…. and the first set of art figures really do have that ” poised and graceful in the way that young boys have, with a ball at their feet” vibe….

      1. I have visited her blog before – but do not quite “know” her that well.

        and side note, I took a photo of an old ceramic tile (it used to go to a trivet) and it was from the algarve – it is an artsy take on a bridge there. I will share the photo in an upcoming art post – and I also want to feature one of your Algarve posts – because that place always makes me think of you….

      2. Thank you! It makes me think of me too! 🙂 🙂 Life is a little painful here at the moment (offspring problems) but I’ve got Florence on the horizon and then… well, you can guess 🙂

      3. Oh I am sorry to hear about the offspring problems – and Florence might end up helping to recharge your batteries….

        and a little painful here this week too – have another funeral to go to back in Buffalo…. my nephew passed away – only barely 30 – I will share more later (sniff) but it really reminds me to hug everyone a little closer…. life is so precious…

      4. thanks – and most of us (including me) are in shock – which has that way of helping one not collapse – it really is a gift – and I am actually doing ok – I am more worried about the parents – it has to be the hardest thing to deal with. But even though I am doing ok – still not ready to blog about it – but did want to mention it here because you noted your touch of stress…
        and also because maybe I knew you would beam a smile my way – so those hugs are received, dear restless one – and sending one back. 🙂 ❤

    1. A lot of the Algarve is like this, Elisa. The villas and golf courses you see in glossy mags are just a small part of the whole, and most of the wealth is not reflected in the locals lifestyle. That’s why I like to support small businesses like Vai e Volta. They’re doing such a great job. 🙂 🙂

  6. Forget the sculptures, forget the boats and even forget the pretty peeling blue wall. I WANT TO VISIT THE RESTAURANT! €10?? Oh if only we could eat here for that amount. Takes me back to Cape Town and having a seafood platter for R100 – my ex almost had apoplexy at the cost until I told him it was only £10 and cheap at half the price. Of course when you live in a place the wages don’t always match those of overseas.

    And I have a gentle walk for you this week, with a chair I think you’ll love:

      1. We’ve only one holiday booked in spring, just down the road in south Devon for a week. We may attempt a house-swap with one or two of the children during the summer. And I am still pondering on Australia – that long flight really does put me off 😦

      2. Sounds good- meeting Gilly? Is that April? House swap’s a great idea within family. I’d be terrified of doing it with strangers cos I’d have to clean for a year first 🙂

      3. Definitely won’t be Summer and I don’t feel that we could impose on you but that will be the subject of an email if I ever sort myself out. Mick’s just agreed to a couple of days on Anglesey in mid-March (with my friend in Sheffield- they have a cottage for a week) so I’m fully busy till mid April. Nice! 🙂 🙂

      4. Snowdrops…? 🙂 I saw Burton Agnes advertising an orchid weekend/snowdrop walk 4/5th March but it’s a bit far away. Depends if James is home that weekend. 🙂 No rush to e!

  7. What an enchanting place Jo – have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the legends and spirits of the Algarve! Love the statues and their stories, the beautiful marina and that little fish restaurant sounds amazing – I would love it! Thanks for including me in your “walks” this week – very much appreciated! Lots of other fabulous walks to read about too! Have a lovely week xx 🙂

    1. Oh, it’s definitely your kind of town, Sue. Lots of raggy edges! Did you ever plan a visit to Portugal? I thought you were going with Vivi but she said Porto would be too steep for you, and sadly she’s not wrong. 🙂

      1. I do plan to visit Portugal one day…and d’you know, I probably could do Porto, I’m told there a re plenty of trams! But alas, not this year

  8. Oh what a lovely lovely post (and not just because you mention me more than once!) but because you’ve captured this part of Olhão so beautifully.

    Fabulous – thank you and it was so much fun having lunch with you both too 😀

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