Six Word Saturday


Not easy to find in Seaham?


You’d think that a bleak north eastern beach would be a good place to find a little Solitude, wouldn’t you?  Strangely enough, that isn’t the case. This particular beach has become a mecca for sea glass hunters and gatherers.   img_6644

You could hide out in the caves with a fair chance of solitude, but they’re not very safe. Erosion has created some fascinating shapes, though.



So your best bet is to head as far down the beach as you can go, without getting your feet wet, that is.  Even there, a far from home Devon artist was determinedly hunting through the pebbles, looking for sea glass.


This is the lure, at the end of the beach.  A solitary and beautiful rock, leaning out to sea. Seeking its own solitude.


There’s always a way to find solitude, if you crave it.  For me, it’s an essential part of life.  A bit like the Weekly Photo Challenge.

I hope this weekend brings you whatever you require.  Cate usually requires six words on a Saturday, but often she gets more.



  1. So serene. I’d be exploring those caves and searching for beach glass, too. You’re so right about solitude. Even in the packed touristy areas of Prague, you can find hidden corners of solitude.


    1. People are useful when they ask questions, aren’t they? 🙂 🙂 I’m watching a great Ed Sheeran concert right now, with a guest appearance from Elton John. What a happy way to spend an evening!


  2. I often think of dense woods and mountain tops when I need to find solitude. But this post, the beautiful photos and the succinct walk along the beach to the proud stone column standing watch.

    This is paradise Jo.

    If I can mangle a John Muir quote often attributed to hiking… “The sea is calling and I must go.”


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