Jo’s Monday walk : Saltburn in Winter


Some towns work really hard at making the best of what they have.  Saltburn-by-the-Sea, on the North Yorkshire coast, is certainly one of those. The second you step out of the railway station, you are welcomed by a frieze of mosaics, colourfully depicting many of the town’s landmarks.  The towering cliffs of Huntcliff Nab form a constant and beautiful backdrop at the end of the street.


A saunter through majestic Victorian architecture will bring you down to the Valley Gardens.  A miniature steam train, ‘Prince Charles’, chuffs the length of the valley in the summer months.  Then there’s the beach, promenade and cliff lift, all offering their entertainments.  The pier stretches out to embrace the salt spray of the North Sea.  Parasols a-twirling, return to gaze upon Huntcliff Nab.




I love the whimsical nod to days gone by in these mosaics.  It’s an easy enough stroll.  Come with me and I’ll show you how it all looks this winter.

Followers of this blog will be no strangers to Saltburn.  We’ve walked here together before.  I hadn’t really intended to take you there today, but my husband was measuring the garden of a lovely old Grade II listed house, in the town.  With a couple of hours to kill, I wasn’t going to waste an opportunity, now was I?

Let’s start with a look at some of the quirky shop fronts.  Browsing here is seldom dull.  See anything you like?


That’s quite enough of indulgence.  Keep that pie and mash shop in mind for later.  The owner looks very welcoming.  First we need a little bracing air.  It’s not too cold today, evidenced by the numbers on the beach.   The cliff lift stands lonely in silhouette, steps taking us down to the shoreline.



 No yarn bombing on the pier, as yet, but I’m sure that it will arrive in the summer.  Remember Alice, from last year?

The beach stretches off into the distance.  Children stamp and twirl gleefully on the sand.  Dog walkers are out in abundance.  A couple of opportunists sweep the beach in search of treasure.  Their find, multi-coloured pebbles, unwinking, except where caught in a flowing stream.  A life scored deep within their grooves and whorls.  Strands of seaweed, unfurling briny curls.



It’s time to turn and head back beside the crumbling cliffs.  Filigree patterns beneath the pier, and above, a bench to read on or simply watch the ebb and flow of tide.


There’s a lovely corner cafe, beside Cat Nab, just before you reach the brig.   You can watch the stream gushing into Valley Gardens from the outdoor terrace.  It’s a little muddy through there today.  So much rain in recent times!  It’s a steep pull back up to the cliff top, where you’ll be welcomed by the Victorian wicker family.  Some kind soul has knit them poppy buttonholes.


That’s it for another week!  Pie and mash, or did you indulge at the corner cafe?  Time to put the kettle on now, and join my walking friends.

walking logo

Huge thanks, as always, to my contributors, and to those of you who simply like to keep me company.  If you’d like to join in at any time, details are on my Jo’s Monday walk page.  Just click on the logo above.


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A great selection, aren’t they?  I had intended to close my walks for 2 weeks, but my lovely husband pointed out that we don’t leave for the Algarve until next Monday afternoon.  Plenty of time for another, he said!  It’s not the walking that’s hard.  It’s keeping up with the responses.  We’ll see! Have a wonderful week, meantime.




  1. Even on a grey day, it seems Saltburn’s mosaics add a nice splash of color to the cityscape, Jo. Your mention of Yorkshire reminds me that I should have a peek at my family tree, as a branch comes from Yorkshire.


  2. What an amazing work of art all those fabulous mosaics are, and the wicker work couple are delightful with the dash of red poppy . In fact your whole post is a work of art this week Jo, and quite lyrical too. But tell me what ever are sour apple lollies they sound quite unappetising, you can have them all Jude, I’ll stick with the pies and mash and do they do mushy peas with that too? Not had mushy peas since I was a young girl living in UK and that was like a million years ago!!! There is something quite special about strolling around the seaside out of season when you have it almost to yourself.


    1. Fabulous, Pauline, aren’t they? 🙂 I’ve got Murray playing tennis in the background but he appears to be in control now so I can respond to my comments 🙂
      I’ve not been in the pie and mash shop but they’re pretty sure to do mushy peas. I love them 🙂 Sour apples are good if you like something very tart, but Jude does make a fuss, doesn’t she? 🙂 🙂 (don’t tell her!)


      1. I love you and Jude’s back and forward chit chat Jo. (my lips are sealed.) Just seen on the sports news that it is Brits male and female into the Aussie tennis finals. I guess we won’t hear much from you for a few hours…

        Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great walk as always Jo. It is a little grey but I think I’d head right over and grab some pie and check out the quirky shops. 🙂 Thanks also for including mine in the post. I should start trying to do my hikes/walks posts on Mondays so I can join in the fun. We just don’t have tons of fascinating walks in the dead of winter in Minnesota! England is great for walking!!


  4. I love that Victorian wicker family, Jo! But my favourite thing is mosaics. One of my best friends does this and our little town is full of history with the mosaics she was commissioned to create. One day I might have to take you on a walk through my town 😉


  5. I’m glad I came along on your Monday walk. The mosaics are just amazing; the colors and scenes, so cheerful. I loved the wide, long beach with the shiny reflections and dog walkers. I also loved the Victorian wicker family with the lovely green fields behind.


  6. Jo I felt I needed my coat for that one. The mosaics are so gorgeous. It must have taken years to make them. I love the walk on the beach, even if it was a bit nippy. Looks like the dogs are having great fun.


  7. Hi, Jo. Love this post, especially the photos of the mosaics! I just posted a piece on my blog about a walk I took to explore street murals in Astoria, located in the New York City borough of Queens. The post is located here, if you are interested: Your Monday Walks are such a great idea, and I look forward to reading more about them in the future. Best wishes, Susan


  8. Those sour apple lollipops made my mouth water, but I’d definitely be up for the pie and mash. Such beautiful mosaic work, and I love the wicker family’s poppy buttonholes. A really fascinating walk, Jo. I’ve never been to Saltburn, but it looks quite charming. 🙂


    1. Jude is getting quite grumpy about the number of people after ‘her’ sour apple lollies. It’s a big jar- why be greedy? 🙂 🙂
      Sitting? Who has time to sit, H? 🙂


      1. Yes. I have pointed out her error and expect recompense for her selfishness ere long.

        I thought you said something about sitting and reading. [goes back to check post] Oh. On the bench. My mistake. But still, how tedious to stand on the beach all day…..


    2. She won’t appreciate it! She can be very stubborn, H 😦 (Sorry I’m a little slow coming back to you. Been doing my walk shares on Facebook.)
      And you’re being picky- the pebbles are mostly at the back of the beach. You could take a blanket, but I don’t see it somehow…
      I’m much too busy walking up and down the beach looking for pretty pebble shots 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aussies are VERY picky. And they call us whinging POMS! I have already pointed this out to MOSY. And that jar of sour apple lollies is practically empty now, and I have not even had mine!! [grumble, grumble… but I do have a sweetshop in town that sells them 😀 )


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