It seems to me that nature has a host of them up her sleeve.  Let’s tumble in, shall we?





Get creative Paula said.  I wasn’t very creative.  I just surrounded myself with a Multitude of flowers.  How will you express “multitude”?

If you’re looking for something Special, just click on the icon below.



    1. ps – I left you a comment on my blog – but thanks again for your comment on my multitude picture – oops – it ended up having a bit of a phallic tone – and nothing against folks who like that – but I do try and have a prom-free site – lol – even suggestive pictures are not the mood I want – so thanks so much again – and I also left a short video int he reply that might give a good laugh….


      1. Oh you are classier than you think dear Jo – and while I am not at all trying to sound prude – I stopped following a couple of bloggers who I seriously miss – but I just do not like the risqué stuff – and well, again, no offense to anyone who blogs that way – 🙂 ❤

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    1. No, just wishful thinking, Sue 🙂 Most of them are from last year but the theme was ‘multitude’ so I had to oblige. 🙂 We do have a fair bit of colour when the sun comes out, but no cherry blossom yet.

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