It seems to me that nature has a host of them up her sleeve.  Let’s tumble in, shall we?





Get creative Paula said.  I wasn’t very creative.  I just surrounded myself with a Multitude of flowers.  How will you express “multitude”?

If you’re looking for something Special, just click on the icon below.



    1. ps – I left you a comment on my blog – but thanks again for your comment on my multitude picture – oops – it ended up having a bit of a phallic tone – and nothing against folks who like that – but I do try and have a prom-free site – lol – even suggestive pictures are not the mood I want – so thanks so much again – and I also left a short video int he reply that might give a good laugh….

    2. I’ll pop back and check when I’ve caught up with my Six Worders. I noticed the phallic influence but decided discretion was the better part of valour. Not like me at all! 🙂 🙂

      1. Oh you are classier than you think dear Jo – and while I am not at all trying to sound prude – I stopped following a couple of bloggers who I seriously miss – but I just do not like the risqué stuff – and well, again, no offense to anyone who blogs that way – 🙂 ❤

    1. No, just wishful thinking, Sue 🙂 Most of them are from last year but the theme was ‘multitude’ so I had to oblige. 🙂 We do have a fair bit of colour when the sun comes out, but no cherry blossom yet.

  1. Those are gorgeous! Even with an early spring this year we will never get multitudes of blossoms like that! (That’s reserved for the Victoria/Vancouver side of the country.) So jealous, but wonderful shots!


    1. I’m cheating a little bit, Suzan. Many of these are last year’s photos. Our blossom is just beginning to arrive but there’s no guarantee it will be as good. It’s always lovely to see though. 🙂

      1. That abated my jealousy somewhat lol. Our west coast is in full blossom – keep seeing all these glorious floral posts in some of my photography groups and am drooling! (Our east coast may not get rid of their snow until July at the rate it keeps coming down, so I’m grateful to be in between!)

  2. On ordinary days, we don’t get close enough to appreciate the complex beauty of our surroundings. Those pink blossoms are gorgeous!

    1. Sorry, Beth! We’re still waiting a little bit here too. 🙂 Many of my photos are from last year, but we have had crocus and the daffodils are about. It’s even bright sunlight outside this morning. Beam! 🙂 It’s coming!

  3. SPRING has SPRUNG On Your Blog – Beautiful, Amazing – I even sniffed a few times looking at the flowers – need a smell feature!!! Happy Day Indeed – this made my day and made me smile 🙂

    1. It’s this crazy weather, Sue! I should have been out chasing sunsets these evening. The wind was blowing the clouds along at a terrific rate. too late now 😦

  4. I love your interpretation! I’ll gladly take a multitude of flowers while waiting impatiently for the real thing! The cone flower with the pond in the background calls to me…

  5. i fiori con la loro bellezza riescono a cambiare una giornata grigia in una giornata di sole, la tua collezione è ricchissima e splendida, amo in particolare i fiori di pesco che sono il simbolo della primavera
    giorno felice per te mia cara

    1. Spring is here and gone in a flash, Annalisa. One day sun, next rain. April showers, we always say. But as long as there’s a little sunshine, and flowers, I’m ok 🙂 Hope you’re having a beautiful week.

  6. Oh Jo, I feel as if you have wrapped me up in multitudious (is that even a real word?) beauty, so gorgeous and delicate and perfectly captured 🙂

      1. Huge Smiles 😀 That’s so lovely of you dear Jo…and who cares about the spelling 😉 Oh thank you…a good week so far…and it’s Friday tomorrow already, how the heck did that happen? Hope the same for you… 🙂

      2. I’m changeable as the weather, Sherri. You can get a different answer every five minutes 🙂 I had a blast of sea spray with the Nordics this morning and that always helps (even cold, grey sea spray!) 🙂 Hugs, darlin’.

      3. Ahh…makes life exciting 😉 I was hit hard by the winds today too out for my walk but no sea spray…nothing ike a bit of cold sea spray to wash the cobwebs away is there? Squeezing dear Jo, squeezing ❤

  7. LOVOooooOOoOoOove this! Somebody has said that flowers is Mother Earth’s laughter. Seeing your images – how true isn’t that.
    First I think you had a girly moment with all that pink … stunning images. They brings so much joy to my grey, wet and little strange day.
    It some of the images from Monet’s Garden??? Just love this, Jo.

    1. I’m chuckling! 🙂 🙂 Yes, a few from Giverny, Vivi. I was Nordic walking on our Headland this morning and it was very blowy. Wet first thing and lots more rain on the way. Ironing or cosy up with my laptop? You just know which I’ll choose!
      Thanks, Vivi! Nice to spread a little sunshine.

  8. Flowers made for Spring time Joy ! Looks like you had to dash in and out of some showers Jo … must be nearly April 🙂

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