Jo’s Monday walk : Falesia beach

Falesia Beach has its share of plant life

Reach for the skies!

Back to the beach this week!  Well, we are in the Algarve, aren’t we?  It would be rude not to.

Falesia Beach is quite central to the Algarve and runs from Vilamoura, with its huge array of yachts, to Olhos d’Agua, a smaller resort on the run up to Albufeira.  It won’t really require me to say much, as the photos pretty much speak for themselves.  I should warn you though that if you intend to do much of the clifftop you will require the agility of a mountain goat.  But we can worry about that part later, or simply stay on the beach.

There is ample parking at the western end of Vilamoura, beyond the enormous marina.  At the eastern end of the resort, hotels back on to the shoreline, but to the west the red cliffs begin a steady ascent.  A bridge carries you from the car park across a canal and onto the boardwalk. From here you can see for miles.

A path runs along the back of the beach

A path runs along the back of the beach

Aloe Vera grow freely too

Aloe Vera grow freely

I am mesmerised by the shapes and colours

I am mesmerised by the shapes and colours

At intervals there are steps up to the cliffs

At intervals there are steps up to the cliffs

Those leggy trees that I love poke through the grasses

Those leggy trees that I love poke through the grasses

And the cliffs grow ever steeper

And the cliffs grow ever steeper

Can you see anyone on the tops?

Can you see anyone on the tops?

From time to time a couple of people will appear up there, peer down and then disappear from sight.  I’m quite keen to follow some of the cliff top trail, but I know that it is a little rugged in places. (I once attempted part of it in flipflops- not a good idea!)

There are lots of ups and downs

There are lots of ups and downs!

You might have been wondering about the beach?  I’m sorry!  I do tend to get engrossed in the patterns on the cliff face.

Here it is!

Here it is!

Often the blue skies are deceptive but this particular Winter’s day in the Algarve was balmy. Before climbing up the cliff, I sat for a while, just absorbing the sun’s rays.

A sheltered spot to relax

A sheltered spot to relax

Directly from the beach a flight of not very steep steps led up to a hotel complex, nestled among pines.  From here it was easy to head back towards Vilamoura, along the cliff top.

You may remember my saying that the cliffs were fit only for goats.  There are some stretches that are fairly level and you can choose to descend to the beach if the going gets too rough. A couple of flights of steps lead down.

Just one last look!

Just one last look!

And then it’s safely back to earth.  I hope you agree it was worth a little bit of climbing for those views.  And when you get back to Vilamoura there are plenty of places to eat and relax.

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I’d love it if you could join me with a walk of your own.  It can be long, short, or in between- I really don’t mind.  For details just click on my logo, or go to my Jo’s Monday walk page. It’s time to say a big thank you to my contributors again this week.  Let’s put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy!


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You can’t beat that for variety, can you?  So glad you could join me.  I hope you have a happy week and some great walks.  You might need to wrap up warm!


    1. Hi Jill! 🙂 I saw this briefly earlier today! Now I can go back and read it properly. Thanks so much for the share. No, flipflops were never a good idea 🙂

    1. Already it’s another world and we’ve not been home 3 weeks yet, Debbie! But we’ve just booked to go back again soon, for another quick ‘fix’ of blue 🙂

    1. Even within the Algarve there’s a lot of variety. We’ve traveled in the Douro, to Lisbon, of course, and lovely Evora. Still got many places to see 🙂

  1. I just love this terracota earth and cliffs – stunning there between the blue ocean and the blue sky.Again amazing views and images … my favorites is the last … back to the beach and along the cliffs. If I have to experiance the end of the earth I hope it will be like this.

    1. I love those red cliffs, Aquileana. We didn’t buy a home in the area because it’s much more commercial than Tavira, but it’s an easy visit. Thanks! Have a great week 🙂

  2. It’s just so beautiful there Jo and your beautiful shots says it all. Thanks for sharing and for the lovely walk. 😀 ♥

  3. This trip and your stunning collection of photographs Jo is my all time favorite walks of yours. The opener was gorgeous enough, but image after image – all scenes that as an artist I’m so attracted too. Love it ~

    1. Feel free to paint any one of them, Mary. I’m sure you could make a wonderful reproduction of the cliffs. I’m happy you like the photos. It was one of my favourite walks this trip. 🙂

      1. Oh my goodness, really? Well I may start my track back to oil pastels with one of your fabulous scenes here. BTW, one or two of these would make gorgeous B&W too for the challenge.

    2. Of course, if you wanted to 🙂 I did think about them for the black and white. It’s hanging over my head like that Damocles sword! I so much prefer colour 🙂

      1. I know, but sometimes the most unbelievable results of depth and textures come from B&W. You’ll love your results, I can’t wait to see them.

  4. Great that you showed more of the cliffs. When cliffs are that beautiful, I am more interested in taking pictures of it than the beach. 😉 I like the combination, but I think I’m leaning towards more on the cliffs …. just because it’s hard to lean on waters. Ahihihi 😀 Cheap joke.

  5. Those cliffs are stunning, Jo! Do you know what they’re made of? Is it clay? I ask because they remind me of the clay cliffs on Martha’s Vineyard. There, the cliffs drop dramatically to the sandy beach, just like in your photos. The similarity is amazing.

    1. Yes, it is, Jackie 🙂 There are so many places where the exposed earth looks similar. Parts of the Australian coast are the same. Nice to think we share some of the same beauty around the world. 🙂

  6. Those cliffs look very much as though they are constantly being eroded. I wouldn’t want to live too close to the edge! Your photos look very much like the part of the Algarve we walked along – a bit too high for the OH and his vertigo. Oh, and those tress you refer to in the grass? I do believe what you are looking at there are the (dead) flower spikes of the aloes. Some grow very tall! Such a beautiful part of the world…

    1. The hotels are set a good way back from the cliffs, Jude, but that’s not to say they always will be. It’s very similar to the landscape around Carvoeira but Vilamoura occupies a large flat area before the cliffs begin, and that’s where most of the building is. 🙂

    1. Yes, there’s similarities with the canyons in the States too, isn’t there, Ana? That’s one of the things I like- the variety within the Algarve. 🙂

  7. Came from Ladysigh’s site to yours. I had no idea where Falesia Beach was until I looked it up and to my amazement saw it’s in Portugal. I lived in Portugal in the late 60s for several months and had no idea this was there. I was pretty concentrated around Avenue de Liberadad. Beautiful photos. Thank you.

  8. Beautiful sun, water, beach and cliffs, Jo. I could stroll for hours. It looks so pristine and remote and to think that it’s a stair climb away from civilization. Lovely pictures.

    1. It’s right on the edge of civilisation, Lynne, and long as this beach is, you might not find too many spaces in Summer 🙂 That’s the beauty of this time of year.

  9. I loves this walk Jo! Something for everyone. Gorgeous flat beach, cliff hikes for those who like challenge, stairs for those who fall in the middle. Wonderful views and the rock cliffs are mesmerizing in their color and textures. Great post!

    1. Thanks a lot, Sue 🙂 I find these cliffs quite mesmerising too. Sadly, not the other half 😦 He was asleep standing up by the time I’d finished. I only took a few shots, too 🙂

  10. You’re right, Jo, that it certainly would be rude not to go to the beach when you’re in the Algarve. This looks like a wonderful walk, and those cliffs are very photogenic. Your photos are beautiful. I’m glad they do have some steps down so you don’t have to scramble down like a billy goat. I don’t think walking in flip-flops would be a very good idea at all. 🙂 Nice to be back to following your Monday walks. xxx

    1. Hiya Cathy 🙂 Great to have you here again but not so good for you. The adventure is over for the time being but didn’t you have a fantastic trip!!! Are you straight back into work? I’m just home from a bracing Yorkshire walk. Will pop to yours later for some excitement. Hugs, darlin’!

      1. Hi Jo! It was a grand adventure but I have to say I was getting a little travel weary so I’m glad to be home. It will be fun to relive it all by blogging about it. Luckily I don’t have to start work until Monday, so I have some time to rest and recover. I have over 8,000 pictures, so it will be a very long and slow process, especially with my horrible internet connection. Hugs to you, Jo, and it’s good to be back to the blogging world. 🙂

  11. Love this Jo, another envigorating walk along a beautiful beach in the Algarve. So gorgeous and refreshing. Reminds me a little of West Bay with the cliffs coming down to the sand, even in the colour. Love the pretty pink ice plant. I remember them growing everywhere in California. At nighttime they fold up don’t they, and put their little heads to bed. Then in the morning, they open up, their beautiful faces smiling into the sun 🙂

  12. Wonderful walk, Jo. I could really do with climbing up and down those cliffs. I know it would do me a lot of good. Love that bright pink Ice Plant. We called them Vygies in South Africa, and they were everywhere in our garden. 🙂

  13. What a beautiful walk Jo! I’m very interested in the vegetation as I’ve often wondered if there would be similarities between the Algarve and here in Perth – they are both at the western edge of continents and have Mediterranean climates. We grow aloe vera in our garden – it’s great for soothing sunburnt or dry skin! The walks along the beach look wonderful and not many people about! 🙂

    1. Yes, you have the stacks and the red cliffs in places, don’t you? And they remind me for all the world of the American canyons. I can pretend I’m anywhere, Rosemay 🙂 Thanks for your company!

      1. Yes we do especially in the outback area and north western WA not round Perth or the south west though. I can see the resemblance to the American canyons not that I’ve been there! Thanks I enjoyed this walk very much lovely to imagine being there too! 🙂

      1. I think he is right Jo! It is definitely not aloe vera anyway. Difficult to tell whether they are aloes or agaves from the photo. There are so many varieties of both plants!

  14. You see so much on your walks that most of us would just pass on by. My favorite picture is the one with the sea, the beach with footprints and the cliffs. 🙂

    1. My husband does, Esther! He’s usually lingering at the edge of my photos thinking ‘what’s she shooting now?’ Impatient tapping of toes! Fortunately, I can’t hear them on the sand 🙂 He could always sit down.

      1. Find your husband one of those benches. 🙂
        Sounds like somebody I know saying “Why are you recording that song 10 times?” 😦

  15. I fall in love immediately! What a beautiful beach – and it looks so quiet that feels like you had the beach all for yourself! I bookmark this Jo, who knows I will visit it someday 😉 Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. There were a few strollers out that day, Indah. It really was warm and beautiful so I sat and waited till they were almost out of sight for my photos 🙂 You’re welcome 🙂

    1. Oh darn! The second I saw your name in my comments, Debbie, I remembered that I intended to link this to your ‘Look up, look down’ series! It’s the perfect match, isn’t it? Too late now because most of the comments are in. I’ll have to go looking up and down somewhere else 😦
      Yes, the colouration is very reminiscent of Bryce and the canyons. It’s as near as I’ll ever get 🙂 Many thanks for joining me because I know how busy you’ve been.

  16. Amazing area, wonderful captures… 🙂

    Talking cliffs when my son was small he once asked me in the Pyrenees how the mountain goats could walk up there – with a smile I said probably their right leg were longer than their left legs – a story which still walks in our family – when he see a goat he always say with a large smile “Wow one of those goat with equal length legs”… 😀

  17. wawwwwwwwwwwwwww mi sembra di essere nel Colorado, i colori rossastri me lo ricordano…gran belle foto Giovanna, come va, tutto bene? passa una giornata serena, un grosso bacio


    1. I always think that, too, Ventis! Our world is so varied yet so the same. We have so much to be happy for. All good with me. I’m about to go English walking soon (wrapped up warm). Take care, cara. Much love xx

  18. Hi Jo, am not sure where to put my link in for the Japanese Tea Garden I posted for this week March 3 – please let me know – thanks! Also, thank you for commenting/likes on several of my blog posts! Love the red soil and red rocks on your beach walk of this week):

    1. You have some nice beaches waiting for you, Tony. I don’t know the resort well but it will give you access to some beautiful places. If you are going inland Silves and Alte are a must. 🙂

      1. We haven’t been to the Algarve for about 6 years. Really looking forward to our return. I’ve made a note of Silves and Alte as places to visit…

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