Guest Challenge: Restoration

Today is my Dad’s 87th birthday and he’s off to Windsor on the coach. You might wonder where I get my restless tendencies, but I have a pretty good idea. He’s slowing up a little these days! I’d like to wish him a Happy Birthday and a happy year ahead. I’d also like to thank Paula for her hard work on behalf of this ‘Lady of the Manor’.

Lost in Translation


Restless Jo:

Last August I made an unplanned visit to Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland.  I was in the area, visiting St. Mary’s Lighthouse at Whitley Bay.  I knew of the gardens at the Hall, but nothing of the house, so when I saw on the signpost that it was barely 2 miles away, curiosity won.  The huge shell of a house that I found astounded me.

It was, by and large, shrouded in scaffolding, and entry looked improbable, if not a little uninviting.  Still, the National Trust signboard proclaimed that it was open.  Entry was via the gardens at the rear of the house and there was an hour till closing time.  Clouds were gathering overhead, so into the garden I went.

There is topiary, parterres, a rose garden, fountains, pools and statues within the 3 acres of this garden.  Anyone who loves gardens will find something here…

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  1. Happy 87th year to your father, my Mom will be 87 in November this year. I enjoyed this post and you are kind to reblog and share thoughts like this with us, too. The one who featured you gave you a very good tribute and I agree with how she described your posts, Jo.

    1. It’s a subject dear to my heart, Robin, so it was a pleasure to write. I’m not fond of the reblog system, preferring to have full control over what I write and how it is presented, but Paula did a very good job.
      Thanks on behalf of Dad. He’ll be tucked up in a bar somewhere, watching sport on TV 🙂

    1. Hi Madhu! Someone with an architectural background like yours would love this building. And- as a side thought, why not join in? You’d have some great candidates, and you have a whole week 🙂 Thanks from me and from Dad 🙂

    1. He’s ‘on the National’ for 4 days, Sherri and more than happy just to have company and a few beers, wherever he lands up. He was a bit vague about the destination but Windsor was mentioned. Tea with the Queen? 🙂 Thanks, hon.

    1. Legoland? 🙂 🙂 The last time I was there with Dad we had a youthful James in tow and Legoland was a must. I remember being down by the riverside too. Some nice pubs about 🙂 Restoration is right up your street, Tanya!

    1. Thanks, Elaine! He always likes company so he’ll be sat in a bar somewhere now, with a beer or two. He’s gone with a nephew and 2 nieces who travel about the same speed as him. Slowly, these days, but he still gets there. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful post, Jo! I always enjoy wandering along on your walks and amire your ability to find interesting and beautiful things, places around you.
    Happy Birthday to your Dad! Those restless tendencies are a lovely thing to share… 😉

    1. He left home at 15, Ese- not intentionally- and has kept on the move a bit since then. His favourite travelling is going back to Poland and we’re there again in May. 🙂
      Thank you, darlin’. It was an interesting post to write and I do love finding and sharing these places.

  3. You both did a great job on this one, congratulations! I put this one on my list, for the next time we go North. Wishing you a wonderful time with your dad in Windsor. Many Happy Returns!
    Klem to you Paula for your effort, wishing you a lovely day. ❤

    1. Thanks a lot, Dina 🙂 I’m staying home (in the rain) for this trip. Dad has gone with nephew, and two neices. They often take short trips together but I get to do the Polish visits. 🙂
      Happy Thursday to you and the ‘family’!

  4. Happy birthday to Dad!!! This is a terrific post, even better than your usual walks, very well researched and presented. Your water lily is a real perfection as a capture too!

    1. I loved those water lilies, Paula, and the little frog fountain. 🙂 Not long till they reopen at Easter and I can go back for another look. Damp and miserable here today. Good luck with your workload (WHAT a boss!) and hope you’re feeling better soon. Just a week to go! 🙂

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