Six word Saturday


 Burning the candle at both ends?

But such a pretty one!

But such a pretty one!

My Christmas season has started already, with a dinner party and a zumba one!  Barely just got the energy to post Six word Saturday, so here are a few restful images from the Algarve.

A few quiet images are called for

Peace and quiet at the Carmo Church

Stranded on the beach

Gently stranded on the shore

Admiring the glint

Admiring that last glint

As the sun goes down

As the sun goes down

Maybe a stroll in the Praca

Maybe a stroll in the Praca

The first hints at an Algarve Christmas

The first hints of an Algarve Christmas

A beautiful house sign

A beautiful house sign

And a wise owl

And a wise old owl, for Gemma

I haven’t posted in the week because I’ve been having conversations with Margaret-Rose Stringer about the best way to load an image to WordPress.  I’m still not sure that I have it right, but you can read M-R’s thoughts here.

Now, where shall I take you walking on Monday?  That’s my next decision.  Meantime, have a great weekend and don’t forget to pop in on Cate at Show My Face.



  1. The serene snapshot from Carmo church is my pick.

    I just read your comment on Meg’s post about your friend in Portugal. So very sorry for your loss Jo.

  2. You did great on the images, Jo. I like the tile work, my favorite here. 🙂
    Well, perhaps the little boat in the sand. I hope for them the wind stays down.
    We are grand-parenting this weekend, last stop will be getting the five-year-old to her Saturday morning French lesson on time. The kids will meet her and us there after.

    1. Thanks a lot, Jim 🙂 This link took you to last week’s 6WS. I’m more traditional and English this week 🙂 But it doesn’t matter a lot, because you hadn’t seen this one anyway! Take care of yourself 🙂

      1. I don’t do “placid” either :D. Nothing wrong with your uploads Jo -not now, not before. I have another suggestion for you, but it is not a criticism at all. I have seen a reply Madhu left me on another post here (shame on WP for never sending me a notification). You have a lot of visitors, more than any other bloggers I know and sometimes they develop a discussion between them- in general settings in Dashboard one may increase no. of comments up to 10 – maybe you can consider that (but it is not that necessary – just a thought). As you can see in my last post I am thinking of ways how to improve my place in 2015. Hugs, P. OH yes, I really wanted to say that the photo …as the sun goes down” is really special!!!

      2. Thanks, Paula. I do get a bit confused in the midst of conversations, I have to say, and am never sure who sees what when the replies go in. I have thought of restricting the comments shown to the last 10 or however many, because so many comments can be off-putting but a lot of people enjoy reading the comments too, so what do you do? I am still struggling to visit people who commented on Monday, let alone the ‘likes’. Maybe in the Christmas ‘lull’ I’ll have a rethink (or run away and start a new blog 🙂 ) Many thanks for your kind words. I know I irritate you sometimes, but it’s never intended. (just another of my natural talents)

  3. A zumba dinner party, now that sounds interesting and energetic. I am going to click on the link about the best way to upload photographs as it’s something I have been thinking about lately. Thank you. 😉

    1. They were two separate parties 🙂 I’ve got uploading hopelessly wrong, I think, because the photo doesn’t magnify when I open the link and click on it. I upload them full size anyway, so that might be why. Feel free to come back and sort me out 🙂

      1. if you are inserting them as full size then they will not enlarge, unless you put them in a gallery when they do. Your images are always big enough to see clearly, but some people do post very small images that are hard to view if they cannot be enlarged. You’re doing OK Jo, don’t stress 🙂

      2. Chin up Jo! Hope things have settled down. Once I am back in the UK we must try and meet up, I quite like “meeting the blogger” blind date! We’ll have to come up with a half-way point 😀

  4. having difficulty keeping up with the blogging posts, but just wanted to say Hi! Actually raining here (back in Sydney) tonight and hit horrible storms driving back from Canberra today – zero visibility and we must have seen at least 4 accidents en route. Thank goodness my son was driving! Love the little drawers – I bought a similar one some years ago for GD #2 to keep her hair clips and bands in 😀

    1. Hiya Jude 🙂 No possible way to keep up with the blogs in transit! You’ll have weeks of sorting through lovely photos in January. Are you off to New Zealand soon? Lost track of the itinerary. I’m vicariously enjoying down under- rain and all! Take good care, darlin’ Hugs!

      1. I won’t be seeing too much as we are staying near the NZ family, but it will be a taster. One day I hope to spend a couple of months there driving around both islands.

    1. Hiya Cathy 🙂 I think your bug must have traveled through the wires! I was up heaving in the night and I’ve just reluctantly cooked Sunday lunch but can’t eat it 😦 I guess the timing’s not too bad. Plenty of recovery time till my next Christmas do 🙂
      The drawers were in Karisma and I loved the little glass figures. Had to be furtive though because the sales lady may have thought I was pinching ideas. (that’s my excuse for the wonky photo!)

      1. Oh no, Jo, I hope you didn’t suffer for very long. It is no fun to be sick, no fun at all! I hope you’re feeling better by now. A lot of shopkeepers get bent out of shape when you take photos in their shops, but I’d think they’d like the publicity! I do like those little items though. 🙂

    1. I was ‘hooting’ into the toilet last night, Gem. I had some shocking news about the death of a close friend in Portugal. It knocked me for 6. I don’t know how his wife will be coping. Sorry!

  5. Love the photos, Jo. They are calming to see among the backdrop of the holidays. We’re on a road trip to Memphis to be with daughter and her family for Thanksgiving, get home and two weeks later go in a different direction to spend Christmas with our son and his family. Glad I shopped early. No posting for me for a while.

    1. Heck! Such a peaceful existence, Lynne. 🙂 I guess that’s the festive season when your family’s spread out. Have a terrific time! It’ll all be worth it when you’re with them.

  6. A very restful post, Jo. Much needed as I contemplate a dash to Queensland on Tuesday, for which I have as yet planned NOTHING except the purchase of a garish eyelashed pink pig made out of a gas cylinder for my daughter. There is a reason!

    Last glint is particularly beautiful and so is the view through to the Praca. I love views framed by arches.

    1. It’s a bit lopsided, Dawn 🙂 I really should have straightened it but you know I don’t tinker. I was trying to be quick because I’m not sure that the lady in the shop appreciated me taking the photos. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mlissabeth 🙂 I went to my zumba class this morning but I’ve spent a quiet afternoon with some music and the laptop. My Sundays are always busy. 🙂

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