Jo’s Monday walk : “Mind that hole!”

Isn't this a view worth falling down a hole for?

Isn’t this a view worth falling down a hole for?

Well, don’t worry!  I’ve already done the falling, and you really won’t need to.  The view above is at Cacela Velha, the midway point in a beautiful walk.  Let’s proceed with caution, shall we?

It was a little cloudy and cool when we set off

It was a little cloudy and cool when we set off

Good walking weather!  We started from behind the broad beach at Manta Rota, in the Eastern Algarve, and picked our way through the madly flowering sea broom.  We were heading west, towards Cacela Velha, with plenty of distractions along the way.

Like the sandbars out in the bay

Like the sandbars, out in the bay

Like the flowering cacti- almost as plentiful as the broom!

And flowering cacti, thriving in the sandy soil

There was a bit of a scramble at one rather steep point, but the men in the group shepherded us through, and then it was easy going again.

In an open stretch we came upon a well

In an open stretch, we came upon a well

Well rusted in close up, but still with water in the bottom

Well-rusted in close up, but still with water in the bottom

The clouds were beginning to break up as we skirted the stream

The clouds were beginning to break up as we skirted the stream

At this point, we trod quite carefully.  Sandy, the walk leader, emphasized we should keep clear of the slippery rim.  Normally the stream was forded by stepping stones, but they seem to have disappeared.  It wasn’t particularly tricky, so long as you kept your eye on the path.

In any case, the village of Cacela Velha lay just ahead of us, and a coffee stop was planned.  I make no secret of the fact that this is one of my favourite Algarve places, and that neither time nor man has been able to spoil it.

Though the addition of certain art pieces is questionable

Though the addition of certain art pieces could be questioned?

You might recognise that lamp in the corner of the shot.  There are several about the village, and one made a very discreet appearance in my Lingering look at Algarve windows last week.

The view really doesn't need any enhancement, does it?

The view really doesn’t need any enhancement, does it?

Is it any wonder I like to linger here?

Is it any wonder I like to linger here?

Is it any wonder I like to linger?

And linger some more!

The church was busy with a funeral so we kept a respectful distance

The church was busy with a funeral, so we kept a respectful distance

At this point it had become quite hot, and it was wonderful to be going down the steps to walk further along the beach, in the direction of the next small village, Fabrica.   Not so charming as Cacela Velha, but you probably wouldn’t mind owning the large property erected by a builder, right on the shoreline.

The oleander are lovely this year

The oleander are lovely this year!

And the columbine are doing battle with the cacti

And the columbine are doing battle with the cacti.  Losing, I think!

There are a LOT of steps, but down is ok!

There are a LOT of steps, but down is ok!

And then you're on an unremarkable bit of beach

And then you’re on an unremarkable bit of beach

With a couple of dilapidated shacks

With a dilapidated but very picturesque shack

That's Fabrica up ahead

Up ahead lies Fabrica (and most of our walkers)

And everywhere, the boats bob!

Everywhere, boats bob in the water

Have I lulled you into a false sense of security yet?  It’s so peaceful, isn’t it?  Time to head for home.

There is only one road out of Fabrica, so we turned inland and followed it, back towards Cacela Velha.  As walkers do, we were chatting away, discovering fascinating facts about the surrounds, and about each other.  We pass a couple of horses and a donkey in a field, and turn back down to the coast.  Crossing over the bridge, we are back on our original trail.

It looks innocent enough, doesn't it?

It looks innocent enough, doesn’t it?

See that lip of soil, at the forefront of the photo?  Suddenly my feet shot off the edge and I was plummeting down, towards the stream!  Fortunately, one of the men had the presence of mind to grab for me, and then I was dangling by a hand.  As my feet scrambled for non-existent footing, another of the men grabbed my other arm and I was hauled unceremoniously out.  Bruised, shaken, and the cream shorts a bit the worse for wear!

I can’t even remember whether I took that photo before or after my fall!  It doesn’t really show the wicked little curve that I missed while I was busy talking.  My husband was far ahead but said that when he heard the shout go up, he knew immediately who’d fallen! I was very lucky because I would certainly have broken something if they hadn’t halted my fall.    As it was, I escaped with a wrenched shoulder and a few cuts and bruises.

Drama over, we continued around the bay

Drama over, we continued around the bay

The skies the clearest of blues, with just a few wispy clouds

The sky the clearest of blues, with just a few wispy clouds

I have to admit, I was happy to arrive at the restaurant, on the edge of Manta Rota, where we gathered afterwards.  I needed a steadying drink!  In the shade of the vines, with good food and company, I was able to laugh about the entertainment I had provided.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s walk.  The surroundings are lovely, aren’t they?  Both Manta Rota and Cacela Velha are signed off the E125, the Algarve’s coastal road.

I have acquired a faithful little band of walkers, and I am extremely grateful for their company. Each Monday I share the walks posted in the previous week.  Please join me and my friends if you would like to.  Let’s go visiting, shall we?

This week, Drake shares a little more of his delightful birthplace, the island of Samso, Denmark :

And you should see the lush gardens Amy found in Ronda! :

Speaking of gardens, are there any more beautiful than these in Cornwall?  Thank you, Jude! :

It was a late night for Sherri, but she still managed to take me to Barrington Court! :

Come to think of it, Yvette likes to be out in the dark  :

Have a great walking week, everybody, but do be careful, won’t you?

I just realised, this is my 400th post.  No wonder I’m feeling tired!



  1. This was lovely to walk with you. I always walk with you although I never comment on it. There are so many commenting that I think they say it all anyway. Thank you for your beautiful post every single time I love them all.


    1. Thank you so much! This is one of the nicest comments I’ve ever received 🙂 I often think when I’m replying that I’ve ‘said it all’ too. It’s lovely to know that you’re out there. I’ll think of you next time I publish a walk.


  2. I would help you up after falling, but only after I lmao. 😀 I have done so many bad things to my lens and the camera but I’m surprise I haven’t fallen off myself. 🙂 Love all the pictures, but the dilapidated shack caught my eye the most. Surprised how you seemed to still taken quite a bit more picture even after the fall. Jo, you are a true photographer. 🙂


    1. Hi Jesh! Thanks for your company 🙂 They are very like heather. The walk leader described them as sea broom but I wasn’t certain. No shortage of flowers in the Algarve. Did you see last week’s at Barril?


    1. Hi Paula! 🙂 Did you win on the overtime payment?
      Commiserations on the football. You got a small mention (though not a link) on my 6WS which was the yarnbombing on Saltbutn pier, World Cup theme this Summer 🙂
      It was a wonderful walk. I couldn’t hoist myself up on the wall to admire my view for a day or three but I’m alright now, thanks.


      1. Hello Jo 🙂 I will look at your post later. As for my work, it’s not about paid overtime-it’s really hard doing my job all day long with weekends too for months; I would be happy if I’m not sacked as many were-that’s the reason I am working so hard. Too complicated to explain… I will continue posting Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, but apart from that I have no free time-it’s just work and house till 20th July. Hugs


      2. Roll on 20th July and a little fun in the sun, Paula. You must be counting down the days. Hugs back! Try to take care of yourself meantime 🙂


  3. Congrats on 400 posts Jo! Wow, that’s quite a milestone. Glad you didn’t get hurt much! But I can understand how the company, the scenery and the photographing could have been pretty distracting 🙂


  4. What a pretty if occasionally eventful wander; thank goodness you were rescued! Some brilliant photographs – I love the shack, and the stream is simply beautiful (from a safe vantage point). These snaps have certainly brightened up a very dull, overcast afternoon!


    1. It’s an easy place to take good photos of, Steven. Have you been to the Algarve? Glad you enjoyed the walk. You’re very welcome to join me, any time 🙂


  5. Wow, Jo, what a lovely walk. I love the sea views, the dilapidated shack and the flowers. It’s a good thing those men saved you from breaking any bones!! I’m glad you’re okay, and I’m sure the food and drink afterward soothed your traumatized mind and body! I know you have fun chatting and enjoying the views, but please, take care of yourself, my friend!! 🙂 xxx


      1. oh no offense taken – none at all!!! and I replied 🙂

        also, when I come back from summer break – well please let me know if there are any rules for your Monday walks – even though to be honest I may not be doing them anymore, I am getting very burned out with challenges in general – whew – I did a lot this spring – and well, I may be moving away from all of them, but I know you jokingly mentioned setting up rules in last week’s post – and well I want to encourage you to do that because it makes it more win-win for all when expectations are clear. and like I said, I may not be doing very many more – but it may be good for others to have if needed.
        peace to you….


      2. I think that if you have ‘something to say’ then you don’t really need the challenges, Yvette? They just lead you scurrying off down different paths and divert you from your course. (I’m still finding my direction 🙂 It might never happen!) I’ve enjoyed your participation immensely and look forward to what you come up with after your Summer break.


      3. well that’s a really great point! – but even those with lots to say sometimes get a creative focus from the catalyst of a challenge aim – ya know?
        and I like how some folks do one weekly post and then link to a bunch of hosts as they integrate multiple challenges – I could never do that – but I think it is brilliant – and I think you are too – and I love your posts.


      4. Some people use the challenges brilliantly, Yvette. For some I think the weekly one is exactly that. How swiftly you can come up with a beautiful response is a source of pride for many. For me, I often just feel like I’m ‘chasing my tail’. I always consider the theme, and often take photos to reflect that subject, but I very often don’t take part. When I was out with the walkers yesterday I was taking ‘between’ shots, but that’s just ‘between’ you and me 🙂
        I didn’t want my walk to be a challenge, or to have rules- just nice company for my walks. But I am aware that it’s confusing and I will put together a page, hopefully by this weekend. I’m watching Wimbledon after a very virtuous heap of housework right now. And chatting! 🙂 🙂


      5. Hey Jo – well you give AWESOME comments – and I know you know this – comments dfo not always have to be puff up all the time. Even though we also know that not everyone can receive criticism – for many reasons – because sometimes it is just vulnerable to post or they misread stuff – who knows –
        but that was not the case here – or ever with you – in fact, when you leave your specific comments on blogs it is such a gift – a piece of you – a piece of Jo. ❤

        and with the rules, no confusion, but a page is a very good thing.

        and you chasing your tail? what? cannot even imagine that – but either way – just keep doing what you do and keep letting it flow because your posts are original and much of the delight is that hue of you we get – along with your excellent photography and interesting angles.

        for example, your recent post about FIGUEIRA BEACH – another masterpiece – with the color palette in each photo aligned so well – and then just the right words added in – it was "all Jo" – and "so good"



      6. I can feel my head swelling and my cheeks turning pink, Y 🙂 Thank you so much. You really are too kind. Much joy to you, but then, you have a way of making your own 🙂


    1. I’ve never had an underwater walk, Sue. Sounds a little spooky 🙂
      Don’t confuse me with this international dateline stuff! You are more than welcome to join me anytime. I’ll add it to next week’s walk because most people who are going to will have already read this post. Don’t fret- you’ll be in excellent company! 🙂
      One of these days I’ll get a ‘Jo’s Monday walk’ page together. Perhaps I should have thought this through. Nahh- not my style! 🙂 I did start a page but got in a ravel with my logo. What a state to be in! Good night, Canada 🙂


      1. You sounds very much like me Jo. More of a free thinker when it comes to blogging. I was going to add a page and it looked like WordPress would publish that I had a new page. I decided to forget it for fear my readers got spammed with me just trying to tidy up:)


  6. What a lovely walk Jo. No wonder you like going to Tavira. How can you bear to leave? Thank goodness you were rescued from falling, a broken leg or ankle would not have been good, and we would have missed your walks for a while. Love the photos too – and is that prickly pear I see?


    1. Yes, prickly pear 🙂 There was heaps of it, flowering its head off.
      I had only just put my camera in my pocket, Jude, or it would have had another dunking for sure. Small mercies, n all that 🙂


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