More Algarve windows

The sight of Barril beach bar always lifts my spirits

The sight of Barril beach bar always lifts my spirits

It’s often the midpoint of one of my walks, or a place to linger when it’s too warm on the beach. Come, stroll with me around a few more Algarve windows.  Just click on a photo and off we go.

I know this isn't purely a windows shot but I love the atmsphere

And as the light fades, the windows sparkle!

Thank you for indulging me again.  There’s nothing I like better than a stroll in my Algarve streets.  I know that Dawn’s windows will be completely different, and it’s time to take a look.



  1. the variety was again so nice – your opening shots had me hooked – and the others were so interesting – (two little chairs shot <3<3)

    and the wrap up – "And as the light fades, the windows sparkle!"
    you have such a hospitable tone and I Iove visiting here – ❤ ❤


  2. Your pictures always leave me in a dreamy state, Jo – as if I’ve actually been there and am now relaxing on that little balcony with a glass of wine! 😀


  3. beautiful windows and houses Jo, I love the colours and decorations … sorry we did not get to Portugal this time, but we did see a few falling in roofs like that in Andalucia!


  4. The place looks so peaceful, even the cafe bars. Beautiful images, Jo. The blue one with a window, a tree and a sky is especially moody.


    1. That’s one of my favourites, Paula. It’s in a quiet little street, nowhere in particular- a Winter shot, actually. 🙂 Hope you can find some time to breathe this weekend.


  5. I particularly love the windows with the balcony. A perfect place to have tea and watch the world go by. Hope you are enjoying the tennis Jo, I’m happy…Rafa is through 😉


      1. Yes Jo, I did notice that… 🙂
        And yes, definitely heart in the mouth stuff…here’s to the second week. Deep breath… 🙂


  6. Oh how lovely Jo … rambling long taking pics ….always such lovely details in continental windows perhaps because they are just different to ours …
    Lol catching a portugese in marigolds … now that just wouldn’t do would it 😀


    1. Especially as it was a guy! 🙂 I was almost embarrassed. I’m hopeless at people shots and I couldn’t really knock on the window and say ‘queijo’ (cheese) 🙂


  7. Being memory-challenged, I love being able to comment on the photos in the slide show one by one. Otherwise I have to make notes! I like the sense of your windows all being in use somehow. They imply lives as a good still life does.


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