Six word Saturday


I came, I saw, I photo’d!

Some with wonderful graffiti

The Commonwealth Games- what an event that will be!

Elephants, fishing?

Two elephants- fishing?

One stealthy cat!

One stealthy cat!

And my 'wonder wall'

And my amazing ‘wonder wall’

If you’ve seen any of my posts in the week, you’ll know that I was ‘bowled over’ by Glasgow.  I’ve had a terrific response to all the posts so I’d just like to say thank you to all who visited and enjoyed Glasgow with me.  The wall art was amazing, but that was just a small part of it.

Seonaid of Breath of Green Air shared this link with me yesterday.  It explains a little about the wall art and gives me yet another reason to go back.  I missed the panda, and my Wonder Wall is illuminated at night!

I still have one more delight to share with you, next week.  Here I am, up among the rooftops.

It's a little 'Gaudi', don't you think?

It’s a little ‘Gaudi’, don’t you think?

A small hint at where we'll be going

A small clue.  Anyone know where it is?

No, not the Glasgow School of Art

No- not the Glasgow School of Art

But I did have a quick peek in there

Though I did have a quick peek in there- not long enough!

I have to finish with the riverside.  Undisputably damp though I was, still I was very happy to get my first sighting of the River Clyde.  Grey skies and all!

This is one of my favourite shots from the riverside

This is one of my favourite shots- the sun almost came out!

And I like the reflections on this one

And I like the reflections in this one

But when it comes to reflections ....

But when it comes to reflections ….

I hope you’ve enjoyed reflecting with me.  This time last week my adventure was just beginning.

How about you- what have you done in the week?  You can share it here on Six word Saturday. Cate at Show My Face is a great hostess.   The links and header will show you how it works.




    1. Amazing what you can do in a day, Cathy! Can’t remember if you saw the pics of The Lighthouse? That was pretty amazing too. 🙂 More hugs! Stay positive 🙂


      1. It is amazing what YOU can do in a day, Jo! I haven’t seen the Lighthouse yet, but I will get to it soon. I have a lot of catching up to do! Slowly, slowly!! Hugs back to you and thanks, Jo, for the encouragement. 🙂


  1. I think Glasgow is very hard not to like today – remember when I visit in the late 70’s … what a dump it was – it was scary, but what a fantastic job they have done – love your captures of the murals – Belfast is the same, I don’t mean the ones connected with the problems, the new young artists – that is taken over the cities naked walls.
    Just fantastic, I love street art when it’s done good.
    Yes, it’s a little bit of ‘Gaudi’


  2. vedo che ti stai molto interessando ai murales, e soprattutto che in Inghilterra lasciano grandi spazi a questi artisti per dare loro modo di esprimersi, I ponti mi sembra che siano una tua grande passione ne trovo di interessanti con grandi visioni e prospettive, sei bravissima Giovanna!

    I see that you’re very interesting to murals, and especially that in England they leave large spaces these artists to give their way of expressing themselves, it seems to me that bridges are your passion find interesting with great visions and prospects, you are talented Giovanna


    1. Bridges, boats, beaches….. Ventis. It must be the letter B that is my passion 🙂
      Wall art is my new love. It doesn’t fit? Oh, yes- b is for beautiful 🙂 Thank you so much for your time and your kind words. Happy Easter to you! Felice Pascoa? I’m guessing 🙂 🙂


    1. Thanks, Tina 🙂 The ‘wonder wall’ was the best of the wall art. The snippet on here was just a last bit I hadn’t posted. I had a very damp but enjoyable day out.


    1. Has Summer arrived yet, down there? It’s been glorious here today 🙂 Bit of a fresh wind but I can handle that. Glad you’ve enjoyed the Glasgow posts, Sherri. One last one to go 🙂


      1. So difficult getting down to blogging this week, I’m fighting for every word…It’s been glorious here too, all week so far, but as you say, with a fresh wind. When it’s sunny all day though that is a small price to pay 🙂
        Can’t wait… 🙂


    1. I try to stop it being dull and boring, Smidge, but there are still days of despair. My day in Glasgow wasn’t one of them. Thank you so much for enjoying it with me. 🙂


  3. What great interest in your Glasgow post Jo .. you’ve got people hankering after a visit there too – isn’t that wonderful .
    Wondering what delight you have for next week 😉
    Smashing photos … wonder where you were for the chimney pot shot …


    1. Come back on Thursday, Poppy- all will be revealed 🙂 🙂 Well, maybe not all but certainly my last instalment of Glasgow. I’m really happy with the appreciation for Glasgow. It’s a city that seems to have worked hard to improve its image.


  4. Your wonderful Glasgow posts have tempted a friend to visit. She wrote “Must visit Glasgow next time I go to Scotland. I have never wanted to, having been exposed in my youth to tales of terrible slums of old back-to-back terraces with no yard and many families … and then the ghastly high-rise flats of the sixties which were a failed social experiment.”

    You’ve set a standard for packing so much into one day. I hope I can emulate in my imminent travels through Eastern Europe. Maybe one day in Budapest will not be nothing!

    (We have a Clyde River near here. And a small boat called the Wee Clyde was built in Narooma, 25km from me, from spotted gum, about 1900. Obvious links back to Scotland.)


    1. We often have poor images of places based on past impressions, don’t we Meg? I try to keep an open mind. My home town has come in for its share of criticism over the years- some of it justified but most not. My hackles rise if I hear anyone abusing Hartlepool, even though it’s a long way from perfect. 🙂 So, I’m glad if Glasgow has a few converts. It’s worked hard for them.

      I’d settle for a day in Budapest, believe me! But not everyone’s as happy to hoof around as I am. Thanks for your kind words, Meg. Your email is still in my Inbox but I have an agenda, which I will explain when I reply 🙂


    1. Hi, Ad 🙂 I bypassed you in someone else’s comments and thought to myself, ‘have to go and see Ad’. And here you are! Saying nice things 🙂 Thanks a lot. You’ll still be busy sorting?


  5. Thank you for the photos, Jo, I loved every one of them
    The Graffiti Art is special. I loved your Art Wall, my favorite there is the boot of the fellow walking through the mushroom patch. We did not see that the day we came. A lot of our time was spent at the Royal Yacht Britannia and around there. Then we took a bus to the castle and spent most of the rest of the time there. I posted Scotland on my other blog, but not a whole lot even though we’ve visited three times.

    Thanks for missing me, I will be off next week (probably) and then who knows for when I’m in jail. We might even get up somewhere close to your place though west (Wales) is on the bucket list.


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