The price of a unique home

Thatched cottage 3Santana on Madeira has some of the cutest homes I ever saw.  Beautifully maintained, I found it a little sad that I had to queue up for a look inside and to purchase a thimbleful of liqueur, when once such hospitality might have been offered freely.  Still, I suppose it’s a small price to pay to preserve these unique homes, with their triangular roofs, thatched in straw.  Once they were occupied by local farmers.  Now they are a mainstay of tourism in this rugged northern part of the island.

Thatched cottage-oval

Thatched cottageThey’re a little different from Jake’s chosen home this week, but equally unique.  Pay him a visit? It won’t cost you!  Just click on the logo.



  1. Like a fairytale…. Hans & Gretchen. Never been to Madeira, supposed to be a very beautiful islands with loads off hilly streets. Sweet post.
    By the way got letter from UK pension services today .. got an increase of £2.00 per month.

      1. Hey …. this replay I don’t understand .. where did the cappuchino come from ??????!!!!!!! Did I miss something again. *smile

  2. I am consistently enamored by thatched roofs ( I really wanted to write rooves to be funny) This is a unique home indeed. I just spent a bit of time in the Nederlands and took LOTS of pictures of them too! So romantic to me!

  3. What very picturesque little houses Jo .
    Perhaps the thimbleful of liqueur was not a bad thing who knows how this fairytale setting might have changed given anymore 😉

  4. They are cute indeed Jo! Love the shots you took and the photo borders are just as cute. Yes, it sure is a pity that times changed like that but glad you could share it with us. 😀 *hugs*

      1. It was a bright sunlit day and the door was open so hard to judge, Colline. The walls were painted white, but there were people filing through all the time. Nicer in the garden with the lovely views. 🙂

  5. Fit for a gnome. 🙂 Definitely unique and cozy looking. Very few freebies on the tourist trail, but I probably would have paid to peek in. Am glad you did. The picture format is perfect for these houses.

    1. It didn’t seem a very dignified way to live, Lynne, but when you have to replace straw roofs every few years I don’t suppose you care. Maybe the Madeiran government help out. 🙂

    1. I did it as part of a round the island tour, Rich, so we weren’t there long. There are 2 round the island tours- one east, one west, both with Strawberry World, and excellent value. We did both, so I could recommend them. The Monte Palace gardens and the cable cars are not to miss either. 🙂

  6. At first I thought this was a miniature house because of the man standing in the doorway. It’s really cute and I’m glad they’re preserving it. How did you do your fancy picture shapes? Lovely pictures, Jo! 🙂

      1. I like the different shapes. It adds a nice touch. No news and I feel certain I won’t get called back on that job. It was in Baltimore so would have required me to relocate anyway, and not sure I want that, at least not at this point. I’m still at work applying for more jobs, and plodding along with my novel. 🙂

      2. At least there are jobs out there for you to apply for, Cathy. I’m pretty sure I’d struggle to find anything other than the corner shop! 🙂 (good job we don’t have one)

  7. Very pretty houses, Jo. They look as though the occupiers should all be perfectly presented, in traditional costumes, to serve the thimbleful of liqueur.

    A unique take on Jake’s theme 😉

    1. Quite cramped, actually, Christine. But that’s probably because it was a conveyor belt of tourists passing through. I felt uncomfortable with the whole experience, but I guess that’s what the owner does for a living.

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