The price of a unique home

Thatched cottage 3Santana on Madeira has some of the cutest homes I ever saw.  Beautifully maintained, I found it a little sad that I had to queue up for a look inside and to purchase a thimbleful of liqueur, when once such hospitality might have been offered freely.  Still, I suppose it’s a small price to pay to preserve these unique homes, with their triangular roofs, thatched in straw.  Once they were occupied by local farmers.  Now they are a mainstay of tourism in this rugged northern part of the island.

Thatched cottage-oval

Thatched cottageThey’re a little different from Jake’s chosen home this week, but equally unique.  Pay him a visit? It won’t cost you!  Just click on the logo.



  1. Like a fairytale…. Hans & Gretchen. Never been to Madeira, supposed to be a very beautiful islands with loads off hilly streets. Sweet post.
    By the way got letter from UK pension services today .. got an increase of £2.00 per month.

      1. Hey …. this replay I don’t understand .. where did the cappuchino come from ??????!!!!!!! Did I miss something again. *smile

  2. I am consistently enamored by thatched roofs ( I really wanted to write rooves to be funny) This is a unique home indeed. I just spent a bit of time in the Nederlands and took LOTS of pictures of them too! So romantic to me!

      1. They will be plenty : ) I strongly recommend the Nederlands as a destination even in winter ( at 55 degrees F)

  3. What very picturesque little houses Jo .
    Perhaps the thimbleful of liqueur was not a bad thing who knows how this fairytale setting might have changed given anymore 😉

  4. They are cute indeed Jo! Love the shots you took and the photo borders are just as cute. Yes, it sure is a pity that times changed like that but glad you could share it with us. 😀 *hugs*

      1. That’s a thought! I’ll start writing a sign right now. What should it say? Don’t think “ageing blogger lives here” will have much pull 🙂

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