Tiptoe through the … snowdrops?

Fragile and beautiful

Fragile and beautiful

I’d better get a wiggle on!  Last Sunday I went on a snowdrop walk, but it’s March already and there are crocuses everywhere.  Soon, those tulips will be along.  Or is that wishful thinking?


A yellow straw trail sounded much better than slithering in the mud, as I had on previous years. The sky was looking ominous and the Community Hall was already full of tea slurpers.  I had the snowdrops all to myself!

It was all done rather delightfully, with random snowdrop “facts” breaking up the sea of green and white.  You can pause the slideshow if you need to, to read them properly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Greatham , a small village 3 miles south of Hartlepool, is the site of the Hospital of God, founded in 1273 by the Bishop of Durham.  Originally the hospital was founded to aid the poor, but it became over time “a house of entertainment for gentlemen”, according to Wikipedia.  I’m not sure if this is a euphemism, but certainly the grounds are very grand, and contain the chapel of the parish church, St. John the Baptist.  The main building now functions as a nursing home.

The rain made me scurry for the car.  Another triumph for the waterproof jacket!  But not before a quick shot of the Corn Lady on the village green.


No wonder she looks grim!


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