Which Way? The Cleveland Way!

You know I love it!

You know I love it!

I think I may have warned you that I still have a Whitby clifftop shot or two up my sleeve?  Well, Cee is giving me the perfect opportunity to show them off.

Now we’re here you may as well come and see a little more of Whitby, if you’re not bored, of course? As usual, click on a photo to see it in gallery form.

Along the pier is a good way to go.

Along the pier is a good way to go.

A poetic ending!

A poetic ending!

Well, I think I’ve probably got Whitby out of my system, for the time being.  The Goth Festival’s taking place there at the end of this month.  Now there’s a spectacle you oughtn’t to miss!

Thank you so much, Cee, for hosting Which Way?  I’ve enjoyed every step of it.  Click on the links or the logo to read more about the challenge.



    1. I think this is probably my favourite collection of Whitby photos, Madhu, and there have certainly been a few (almost as many as the Polish cousins) 🙂

  1. Whitby is a very photogenic place, Jo. I chuckled at the ‘Arguments Yard’, and of course had to look it up. I see it’s named after a guy called Thomas Argument, who built the cottages. Fancy having a surname like that! 🙂

  2. I really like the infamous steps shot, Jo. And – ah – Arguments Yard? Looks a little tight to be getting into it in there. I CAN’T WAIT for the goth festival pix. I’m sure you’ll be doing them a good deal of justice. Later, gator…

    1. Not sure if I’ll make it to Goth weekend, Gem. (shock! horror!) I’m off to Barcelona for my 65th (ssh, don’t tell 🙂 ) on the Sunday. My daughter was planning to come up but didn’t tell me till after I made the booking. I’ll think of something!

      1. Thank you Jo 🙂 I hope the weather clears up for you soon so that you can have plenty of dry walks :). Take care hon.

    1. Runswick Bay is gorgeous!!! Love the Royal Hotel and the views from there. Have a Guinness for me 🙂 Your photos will be fabulous. Hope the weather’s good.

    1. Arguments Yard creased me up, Cathy! I go there all the time 🙂 The poetry was part of a rather nice wood sculpture I took a few shots of so it’ll be back 🙂 Hope your weekend’s wonderful. (stuff the work!)

      1. Jo, does “creased me up” mean the same thing as “cracked me up?” haha…. I don’t know all the British sayings! Well, my weekend is almost over and it wasn’t so great because this week is midterm and I had so much work to do, I worked almost the whole time. 😦 Hope you had a good one!

  3. These are great!! I love arguments way We are finally not getting rain. Sun it out, but its more cloudy than not, so it won’t last long! thanks for playing!

  4. Well I think you have convinced me that another holiday ‘up north’ is definitely due! Nice of Cee to give you the opportunity to share this way 😉

    Perhaps you should apply for a job with the North Yorkshire tourist board!

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