Say it with flowers

My walk into town took me twice as long as usual yesterday.  The camera just wouldn’t stay in my pocket!  So I have a small bouquet to present.  What better way to tell someone you love them?  These are for my daughter, Lisa.

I hope she likes them.  And that you do too, of course.  Let’s share some of nature’s magic.  Click on a flower to start the gallery rolling.


  1. Congrats to Lisa and Leo. The flowers are so beautiful, especially the clematis and that last rose. I didn’t know you had climate for rhododendron. We had it in the mountains of North Carolina.

    1. I truly love rhodies, Lynne. There’s such variety! We have seven in our garden (a couple are miniatures) and I can never wait for them to start flowering in May. 🙂

      1. I am fine Jo. Just back from a visit to R’s dad and the children over the weekend. Will be off to Mangalore to attend a wedding later this month. Dreading that actually, gets exhausting after a point 😦

    1. Gemma, I cannot tell a lie. The initial orchid, the clematis, and the rhododendrons are in our own garden. (and the little statue) The roses and a whole lot of other stuff I shot yesterday. After I’d written the post (which was for a reason I don’t want to go into on here) I thought maybe I should rephrase it to make that point, but I was in a hurry to post it, and my husband was standing by waiting for the laptop. Apologies! 🙂 🙂

  2. What a pretty gallery of flowers, Jo! I’m not surprised your camera couldn’t stay in your pocket. I love that white one with the purple center (“and these guys are so sweet”). Do you know what they are? Is there a special occasion for Lisa? 🙂

    1. It’s a fairly rare clematis, Cathy. Can’t remember it’s name though Mick will know (it’s on a climbing frame in our back garden). Not exactly but they will have been married 6 months on Friday and it’s Leo’s birthday Saturday, so it’s a celebratory weekend. 🙂

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