No time like the present

Seaham's burgeoning marina

Seaham’s burgeoning marina

I was pleasantly surprised, on Saturday, to come upon the view above.  Seaham Harbour, as I’ve always known it, is a former mining village, whose pithead once dominated the landscape. Regeneration has taken place, and the marina and visitor centre for the RNLI now lie in the old harbour, with its iconic lighthouse banished to the distance.

Come and take a closer look at these galleries with me.

There’s a great cafe called “The Lookout” pointing right out to sea, and below that some exhibition space.  I really enjoyed the visitor centre for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.  It’s full of photos, nautical maps and stories of heroism. There’s no entry fee but it’s a pleasure to slip a few coins in the boat.  The bravery required on these sometimes stormy seas is worth every penny, and the staff were informative and very pleasant.

I gave a little history of the town, and it’s rather surprising connection to the poet, Lord Byron, in Windswept in Seaham.

There was a nice breeze blowing on Saturday, but not one to bend you double.  It’s raining again today so I’m using my normal walking time to look back at sunnier skies.  I almost forgot to mention the delicious pana cotta and Swiss chocolate icecream I indulged in.  I know there are a few of you with a sweet tooth.  “Leaf, bark and berries” was my cafe of choice.

A last look at the lighthouse

One last look at the lighthouse


  1. The visitor centre looks wonderful Jo. Love the display cases full of interesting little things. Drooling over your description of that ice cream 🙂


    1. You really wouldn’t have liked the icecream, Madhu! 🙂
      Mick is a big fan of the Mr. Whippy type of icecream off the mobile vans. As we were walking along the front we could hear the chimes from one of the vans but not see it. This seems to happen to us a lot when we’re out and Mick always jokes it’s because I begrudge him the icecream. We gave up and went to Leaf, bark and berries, which is a lovely little cafe anyway. It was so nice we sat on the green to eat them.


  2. Sea rescue, particularly in your part of the world is not for the meek. These brave people perform a scary task, and frequently for small reward. It’s a labor of love for sure. Nice photos on a sunny day. ~James


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